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Publisher Plus Review


Desktop publishing is emerging, and more and more today we are tasked with creating appealing documents on our computers. Whether you’re promoting a new menu, wanting to showcase a new poster, or create a new brochure, finding a decent application on Mac isn’t easy. With MS Publisher on the PC, and even greater options such as Adobe InDesign, these applications are expensive, but Publisher Plus for Mac hits at a good price point.

Publisher Plus is developed by PearlMountain Technology, and their new app already has been recommended by Apple. The app features a suite of professional templates, which include brochures, magazine layouts, flyers, adverts, and reports to name a few.

The layout of the application is simple to use, with your document in the middle and editing options on the side. To complement your document, there are a variety of options of built-in images. Not all of the images are great, but most of them are fairly decent. As well, you have the ability to import your own photos from Finder, as well as iPhoto.


Editing your document was quite good. I really enjoy how the application includes guidelines when moving your images and text boxes, which help you to align document elements. From a visual standpoint, this addition really helps to give your documents a sense of professionality. As well, they include a good number of photo editing tools, such as opacity, built-in colour filters, as well as detailed positioning options.

Just a few small complaints arise about the application. The diagonally scaling button for text boxes are at a fixed diagonal angle, so you won’t be able to free-scale the text boxes as you see in Microsoft products. Not a big issue, but just something minor. As well, many editors allow you to move your image at a fixed vertical or horizontal position while pressing the shift key, but this program doesn’t allow for that.

Overall, Publisher Plus is a great option for your Mac. While it may be a tiny bit expensive at $19.99 in the Mac App Store, this application certainly is a good choice to complement your Mac if you need to create a stunning document. With an easy-to-use interface, and a stunning choice of templates, make sure to consider this app!

If you want to check it out, click on this link. 


Disclaimer: The product reviewed was provided by PearlMountain Technology as a review copy


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