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Apple Unveils iOS 8

WWDC - iOS 8

WWDC 2014 showcased the new iOS 8. And it brings brand new features that users have been asking for many years.

The new notifications will allow you to reply within notifications. For example, if you get a SMS notification, you can reply within the notification. Same with a calendar, you can delete or accept with a swipe. Spotlight search gets similar features to Yosemite, as well as search in Safari.

The keyboard also gets a new design, as Apple unveils Quicktype. Similar to Google Keyboard, when you start typing, it will suggest words. But Apple takes it one step further and suggests actual words based on your typing type. For example, it could suggest the word “epic” if you keep typing “epic” in a conversation.

SMS gets better group messaging capabilities, such as allowing you to silence SMS threads. There’s also location sharing, but that feature probably won’t be used that often. As well, there’s a new “type-t0-talk” which allows you speak to your phone and send that voice recording instead of text SMS.

Enterprise features have now expanded, with more security capabilities for enterprise users.

Apple also showcased new health features, called HealthKit. With this, you can monitor your health activity, and will connect to third-party apps.

Family sharing was also featured. You can now share calendars, reminders, and other multimedia. You can slo share music, movies, and TV shows for up to 6 members if you share the same credit card. For parents, this will be excellent, as now if a kid wants to buy a paid app, you have to get a request from a parent first before it’s purchased.

Siri gets new features such as Shazam song recognition and purchase it direct from iTunes from Siri.


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