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Apple Reveals OS X 10.10 Yosemite

WWDC 2014 - OS X Yosemite

At WWDC 2014, Apple’s Craig Federighi unveiled OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Again, Apple decided to name it after another Californian city.

The new OS X features a new design, with a fresh new look similar to iOS. Your windows have a translucent effect, and they adapt to your background and desktop. All Apple programs has an iOS 7-esque design, as well as the notification centre takes design notes from the phone software.

WWDC 2014 - Yosemite - Demo

Spotlight takes on a new design too, as well with a bigger window on your screen. Spotlight will allow you to better search for documents, contacts, online documents such as Wikipedia, and other files on your Mac. As well, Spotlight now allows you to do conversions, such as miles to kilometers.

Cloud Drive will allow you to sync documents across devices, such as other Macs, iOS and Windows.

Mail gets some behind-the-scenes work, allowing for better functionality in mail.

WWDC 2014 - Yosemite - Safari

Safari gets a new design, with your favourites bar in the address bar. This will also allow for Spotlight search in the spotlight bar. This will allow you to take images for instance, and send it to mail to send to someone else. As well, there’s a new “markup” feature, and allows you to draw on (for instance) that image. And the feature is smart enough to detect what you draw such as arrows or speech bubbles.

Big changes come to AirDrop now, as now you can AirDrop between your Mac and iOS devices. Apple also unveiled that if your iOS device is in close proximity to your Mac, you can “pick up” what you’re doing and finish the task on the other device.

A brand new feature of OS X Yosemite is going to make users quite happy! Your Mac can now be a caller ID, as callers on your iPhone will show up on the Mac. And what more is that you can use your Mac as a speakerphone now!

The software will be released to developers today, and to the public in the fall!


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