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Android App Icons To Get Redesigned


Android 5.0 (or Android 4.5) is going to be Google’s next update to the Android operation system, currently rumoured to be named “Lemon Pie.” Android 4.4 KitKat saw a redesign with the Google Experience Launcher, but was however limited to the Nexus 5 until they released the launcher as a separate app for other phones. But it seems after new leaked images that Android 5.0 will take design cues from the GEL and bring a fresh new look to the current app icons.

Google has updated their web icons over the years, but their Android icons haven’t seen a major design upgrade in a while. The new Android app icons would be similar in design to their web counterparts, and would feature a more flat design. Below are what the new icons will most likely be.


A possible look at what could be the next Android icon designs

As well, Google could be updating icons for the Play services, such as Music, Movies, Games and Books as well as the icons for Maps and Camera. Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, YouTube, Play Store as well as Google+ are set to be redesigned as shown above. The new design would be a welcome change, and seems to complement the Google Experience Launcher style well with a visually appealing design.


The home screen with the new outlined icon design

But if these design changes do prove to be true, Google will have to update their guidelines for their app icons, so the designs can be streamlined across all apps. I believe Google would like some consistency between app designs, so this new look would have to be implemented in their icon guidelines.

Keep in mind that these are still rumours, and not yet officially confirmed. We will most likely see more of what Google will have to offer at their I/O 2014 keynote presentation in June. But over the next few weeks, we may see further evidence that Google may be ready to update their look and move towards a flatter icon design.

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