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LG G Watch Details Unveiled


With the launch of Android Wear last month, LG has released details about their upcoming smartwatch powered by Android Wear. With a smartwatch being added to their lineup of phones such as the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, we would expect LG to launch an entry level device in a new area of wearable tech.

The G Watch will be powered by Google’s Android Wear operating system. As we expected, Google Now will be the dominant feature of watch, which will allow you to receive relevant information important to you. On Android, Google Now can display the weather, load a boarding pass, get transit information and receive map directions to name a few. With wearable tech, this information will certainly be easier to access than pulling out your phone constantly. Simply saying “Ok Google” will pull up voice input to receive information.

This smartwatch will come in two colours: Stealth Black and Champagne Gold. The design is sleek and minimal. This smartwatch will be rectangular in design, which the opposite of the circular Moto 360. The watch will also be water and dust resistant, so minimal water contact shouldn’t damage it too much.

LG describes an “always on” screen, so we would expect battery life to be decent to last at least 2 days. But the “always on” concept will be good to utilize Google Now to its full potential.

We expect the G Watch to launch sometime within the summer of 2014, possibly around Google IO. We do not have any word yet on pricing, but Engadget states that LG wishes this to be a “developer smartwatch” with a lower price point, similar to the Nexus lineup of phones. If this holds true, we would expect it to be cheaper than the Moto 360 which seems more like a higher-end smartwatch option.

If you want to check out the smartwatch, check out the images below by LG.

Will you be purchasing a smartwatch? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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