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Will Microsoft Office For iOS Work?


Microsoft Office for iOS devices have been rumoured for quite a while, and with new reports stating that Microsoft Office for iOS is ready to launch soon, has Microsoft waited too long to bring this to the market?

Here’s the issue. Last year, Apple made their iWork suite free for anyone buying an iOS device after their press conference in Fall. Originally, you had to pay for the iWork suite, but with the implementation of free word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software, I believe this would hit Microsoft hard.

Now here’s where it may not work out. When Microsoft releases the software for iOS, we know most likely it’s not going to be free. And with the prices of the Office suite, we know it’s probably not going to be that cheap. But if you have Office 365, I believe Microsoft will implement this into the software

But here’s my question. Have enough people migrated to Office 365 yet? Most people I know opt for the single-pc option, as you only have to pay a one time price. With the Office 365 subscription, it’s charged yearly. And this is where it falls flat. As a general consumer, are people really going to migrate to Office 365 just to use Office on their iPad or iPhone? Probably not is my answer. And for most people, they still use Office 2010 or 2007. So for them, is it really worth the upgrade? And is it really worth paying money just to get a subscription to use on their device?

I can only see a version for iOS really work with business customers. Why? Simple reason…most likely the implementation of Office 365. Businesses have been opting for Office 365 because it connects all your devices and stores changes across them, allowing “the cloud” to become almost a server or storage area for their documents.

With Apple’s free option that integrates with iCloud, and other options on the market such as Google Drive, I believe Microsoft has waited too long to launch if they want to target the everyday consumer. Even though they have the recognized brand name, free options in the eyes of the consumer outweigh the potential value of a paid version.

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