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Nomad ChargeKey Review: Your “Key” For On-The-Go Charging


Nomad’s latest product: ChargeKey
(Photo Credit: Jordan Yep/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

Just last year, Nomad released their hit product ChargeCard, which gained the attention of others from Kickstarter. After the success of the ChargeCard, Nomad has released a new follow-up product after a successful Indiegogo campaign: the ChargeKey.

ChargeKey, as its name states, is a phone charger in the shape of the key, which is way more convenient than carrying around a lightning or micro-usb cable. In our very “on-the-go” society with smartphones as our companions, the daily use of them can drain the battery fast. And since you never forget your keys, having this on your keychain is sure more reliable than remembering to have a cable in your briefcase or backpack.

ChargeKey is designed with high grade plastics from Bayer (Germany) and GLS (USA).  The device is quite slim, bendable to charge in tight spaces, and fits onto an ordinary keychain. 

The ChargeKey comes in two versions: lightning and micro-usb. As well as charging the iPhone, the lightning version also has the ability to charge the iPad and iPad Mini with lightning cable versions. The cables also allow data transfer if connected to a computer, allowing you to sync your device to your computer.

While this device is quite awesome, it still does have some flaws. One thing I worry about the device is that the device doesn’t come with some sort of cover to help protect the USB cable. Since it is quite exposed, I worry about damaging the connector, which would make the device unusable. Adding some rubber caps would make me more confident.

You can buy this product direct from Nomad for only $25. They currently offer the iPhone version and Micro-USB version.

Overall, this device is perfect and innovative. Since almost everybody uses a keychain, it’s the perfect way to not forget your charger while you go on with your daily life. For the price of only $25, the price definitely states the value of the product. It’s the perfect product that solves the issue of not having a cable at the time you need one the most. If you’re looking for a simple charging solution for your device, no doubt ChargeKey will be the perfect option.

Rating: 9.5/10

Disclaimer: This product was sent as a review sample from Nomad

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One comment on “Nomad ChargeKey Review: Your “Key” For On-The-Go Charging

  1. That is similar to my enclosure i actually bought recently, incredibly happy with it for everyone
    found on the fence about purchasing one, do it, you wont be sorry

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