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Be Warned: Apple ID Phishing Scam

An example of the Apple phishing email going around. Image Credit: TUAW

An example of the Apple phishing email going around.
Image Credit: TUAW

Chances are, either you or somebody you know has an Apple device. And linked to every Apple device is the Apple ID. With over 500 million users with Apple IDs by the end of 2013, there is no doubt that this would be a huge target for scammers. And this is exactly what happened in a phishing scam.

In this latest scam, you get sent a fake email that mimics an official Apple email. The header simply states, “You Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons!” But once you click on the “verify now” malicious link, it links you not to the Apple website, but to another.  The link directs you to a fake Apple website, which prompts you to enter your Apple ID as well as your password. Since most people use the same password and email across multiple online services, this gives others potential access to your services you use.

So how can you protect yourself from emails like this? Be suspicious, as when has Apple ever sent you an email with “Dear?” But looking closer at the fake email, it doesn’t even state your name, like “Dear Jordan.” And since when is Penligst a word? As well, I always tend to verify links if the email seems suspicious before clicking on them. And for the future, Apple will not ask you to click on an embedded link such as “verify now” in emails, as they direct you to their website

This is not the first time that companies have had to deal with this. A notable one is the UPS scam people had to deal with, which embedded invalid hyperlinks that contained malware.

So if you receive this fake Apple email, do not click on the link!

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