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Cut The Rope 2 Announced: Where is Om Nom?

Cut The Rope 2 by ZeptoLab (Screenshot Credit: Jordan Yep/Jordan's Tech Stop)

Cut The Rope 2 by ZeptoLab
(Screenshot Credit: Jordan Yep/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

If you are a fan of the Cut The Rope franchise, then you’ll be excited to hear this! ZeptoLab announced that Cut The Rope 2 will be the next instalment in their vast amount of mobile games.

It makes sense to release a 2nd version of a successful game, as they already have made spin-offs of the franchise already. The next version should bring a new storyline and style, similar to what ZeptoLab has done with previous instalments.

So what’s different in Cut The Rope 2? That cute protagonist Om Nom is missing! Apparently, he’s been swept away, but we don’t know how.

Oh my candy! Om Nom is missing! Om Nom, everyone’s favorite candy-eating monster and hero of the Cut the Rope series of mobile games, has disappeared. Based on this footage, detectives say that it appears that Om Nom was swept away by either a very large bird, or, more likely, a hot air balloon. Can you help us bring him home? We need to find Om Nom in time for the launch of Cut the Rope 2. Please let us know if you see him!

Be sure to check out their 20 second trailer!

Myself being a fan of the franchise, I’m very excited to see what ZeptoLab will do with the next version of the game. We can assume that this version will release on all major mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS, on the same day. As for a release date, there is no specified one, but hopefully it will be out before 2014.

What do you think of this new game? Leave your comments below!


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