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First Look: iSkin Flex & Exo for iPhone 5C


With the release of the new iPhone 5C by Apple last month, iSkin has updated their iOS case lineup to include the newest phone. Their first releases include the Exo & Flex, which also sell for the iPhone 5/5S. Both cases are unique options that should suite the taste of consumers.

iSkin Exo:


The Exo is the more rugged and protective option. This case features shock absorbing edges and covers for the volume port, lightning cable connector and power button. The cover for the lightning cable connector is something similar we’ve seen in previous iterations of iSkin’s cases for iPhone, as it is a similar idea to the iSkin Fuze for iPhone 4/4S. As well, the front of the case has a bumper, so if you drop the front of the phone on a relatively flat surface, there should be no damage to the front of your screen. And the case is BPA-free, lead-free, and has a phthalates-free thermopolymer.

The shock absorbers should protect the case well, as I would feel very comfortable having my iPhone 5C in this styling of case. In fact, this is almost the perfect case for parents to purchase if they choose for their child to have an iPhone 5C.

The case comes in 2 different colours: black (this is the one we received), as well as a clear option. The case retails for $29.99. It’s a decent price for the protection it should provide. You can click here to buy.

And an added bonus. This case is washable! So if you like your case to be clean, it’s perfect for you!

iSkin Flex:


The Flex is an IML film fused with a clear, durable and flexible thermoplastic core. It has shock absorbing thermoplastic, but has a hard backing as well. Unlike the Exo, there are no cover to protect the lightning cable connector, but covers the power button as well as the volume controls. Personally, I actually prefer not to have the lightning connector covered, as it makes charging less of a hassle. It also has a front bumper to protect the screen from minimal falls.

This case comes in 4 different patterns: clear, carbon fibre, black diamond, and hearts. If you’re looking for a unique case, the patterns will suite your taste, as it still shows off the vibrant colours that Apple chose for their phone. Just think of this case as an enhancer to your phone!

The case retails for a cheaper $24.99. You can click here to buy.

Both cases include a cleaning cloth, a cleaning wipe, iSkin stickers, as well as links to external paperwork.


Overall, iSkin has delivered solid cases for the latest iPhone. iSkin has yet to disappoint us, and their extensive product lineup certainly has a case to suit the taste of any consumer. And the cases are decently priced, so your money will certainly be well spent.

Disclaimer: These cases were provided as review units by iSkin. Be sure to check out their website for their full product lineup.


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