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Bell To Cut US Roaming Rates by 50%

Canadian mobile phone company Bell (Image Credit: Bell Mobility)

Canadian mobile phone company Bell
(Image Credit: Bell Mobility)

Good news for Canadian consumers using the mobile service Bell and are frequent travellers to the United States. The company will be cutting mobile data, voice and text roaming by an astounding 50%, as the company is gearing towards a focus on lower costs who use their phones when travelling outside of Canada.

“During the summer, Canadians told the federal government that they support wireless competition and strongly believe the wireless rules should be the same for all carriers, Canadian or international. But Canadians also told us that they want to use their smartphones a lot when they travel, and they want the price to come down. We heard you and today Bell is cutting in half the cost of mobile roaming where Canadians travel the most: the USA,” said Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility.

The $25 US 30-day Travel Bundle is one of the of the plans the company has reduced from $50. This includes 50 MB of internet and data, 50 minutes for calls within the US or back to Canada, as well as unlimited incoming and 200 sent text messages. If you go over the data limit, data charges per megabyte will be 50 cents per MB, additional calling will cost 25 cents per minute, and additional sent text messages will come to 15 cents per message.

The $20 US 30-day Travel Add-ons has been reduced from $40, and will give consumers the ability to take 1 or 2 mobile services in large quantities. Basically, it gives consumers an offer of 3 US Travel Add-ons: data, voice or texting for just $20 each. It allows 100 MB of data, or 100 minutes of voice calling, or unlimited incoming and sent texts. Extra usage costs 20 cents per MB on the data plan and 20 cents per minute for voice calls.

This takes into effect on September 17, and will benefit existing Bell customers, as well as new customers. Bell will allow consumers to sign up before they travel, but will also send out a text message for customers who travel to the US so they can sign up. When traveling in the US, customers can choose the plans from Bell self serve on their smartphones or by calling 1-800-667-ROAM (7626).

“Canadians enjoy some of the most advanced mobile networks in the world. Our domestic pricing is comparable with developed countries worldwide, and generally lower than major US carriers. As a result, we see Canadians using smartphones and mobile data like never before.”

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