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What To Expect From Apple’s September 10th Event


It’s that time of year again…Apple’s annual iPhone event! And this year after months of speculation, we pretty much know what is going to happen.

iPhone 5S

This will be the annual upgrade on the iPhone 5. We can expect to see a new processor upgrade, as well as an upgraded camera (possibly dual LED flash). The design will be similar to the iPhone 5, but it should feature new colours, as leaked images have shown. The colour gold, as well as a graphite should add some nice choices for consumers to choose from along with the black and white versions. We may also see a fingerprint scanner on a rumoured redesigned home button. And hopefully, expanded storage options this year?

This won’t be a major upgrade, but minor and incremental.

iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C (“c” standing for colour or cheap), will be one of the highlights. Targeting smaller and emerging markets, this will be Apple’s entry into the lower priced phone market. With rumoured talks with phone companies such as China Mobile, this phone is definitely going to happen. Available in multiple colours (the invitation gives it all away), I truly believe this version of an iPhone will be a highlight with customers. This will especially target those who want an Apple phone product, but don’t want to pay the premium price. Honestly, those iPhone plans aren’t cheap are they?! It would be nice if this iPhone would be $0 on carriers (Rogers, Bell, Telus, Koodo, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.) but being Apple, that isn’t going to happen!

iOS 7

iOS 7 will be pushed out to consumers in the coming days now. So if you love the “soon to be outdated” iOS design, spend your last moments enjoying it since the revamp is coming. The new look will be a welcome to consumers, and a curse to others. But honestly, nothing really that much has changed in iOS since it debuted with the original iPhone. But myself, I’m excited for the public version ready to be used on my iOS devices.

iPods & iTunes

The iPod lineup is set to receive little upgrades, if not none. The iPod lineup is just fine as it is currently, and I honestly see no reason for Apple to upgrade it more. The only upgrade I can see is just an upgraded processor to the iPod touch.

iTunes will probably have small upgrades as well, but not a major upgrade as we saw last year with the redesign of the iTunes platform.

Don’t expect

Don’t expect updates on the new iPads at this conference. The redesigned iPads should be unveiled at an event in October. As well, don’t expect the iWatch until next month.

One more thing…

Apple may pull a classic “one more thing” this year. In the past week, a report has surfaced that Apple will be unveiling minor upgrades to the Apple TV. And to be clear, this is not the Apple TV set, or iTV as it is rumoured for now. This will be a minor upgrade on the black box that lets users stream their iOS or Mac devices to their TV.

Honestly, this Apple event isn’t going to be spectacular. It’s being held at Apple headquarters, not a major theatre. This was the case when the company unveiled the iPhone 4S. So just expect a small upgrade to the iPhone 5, the details on the iPhone 5C, and maybe some other updates. Major product updates should happen in October with the release of the redesigned iPads and possibly the elusive iWatch. But it should be a decent event, and hopefully, your bank account will find the money to upgrade to a new Apple product soon.


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One comment on “What To Expect From Apple’s September 10th Event

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