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Pendulum Painting Review (iOS)


In 1851, the French physicist, Jean Bernard Léon Foucault invented the Foucault Pendulum.  This revolutionary device demonstrated the effect of the Earth’s rotation.  This being the first demonstration of the Earth’s rotation that didn’t rely on observations in outer space, Foucault pendulums quickly became popular.  Modebiz’s iOS app, Pendulum Painting, demonstrates the rotation of the pendulum.  It allows you to see the entire rotation of the pendulum, and the beautiful pattern it creates, in just seconds.  Pendulum Painting is available in the app store for $1.99.

One of the biggest features of this app is the fast rate that the pendulum rotates in.  A real Foucault pendulum takes about 32 hours to fully rotate 360 degrees, but this app greatly exaggerates the speed to allow the user to observe the movement of the pendulum.  As a result, the pendulum creates beautiful patterns and designs.  The user can also fine tune the rotation speed, rope length, and the ink strength.  The pattern can also be changed from a solid line to a dotted line, and the colors can be changed from black to white.  By dragging and releasing the pendulum, it changes the position, creating a new pattern.  By tapping the canvas, the user can see a close up of their design.  The pendulum can be easily stopped, and with a tap of a button, the pattern can be erased.


Although this app is an excellent representation of the Foucault pendulum, there are a couple of things I disliked about it.  First of all, I don’t believe the app is worth $1.99- even though it is interesting, it gets boring after a while.  I also think they should add some more color options for the canvas and ink, so the user can create more customized designs and patterns.

As a result, Pendulum Painting is an amazing representation of the Foucault pendulum, and can definitely entertain the user by the beautiful designs the pendulum creates.  And, with more color options, I believe this app could be amazing.

You can purchase Pendulum Painting for iOS here.

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