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Review: Wrap Camera (iOS)

With thousands of different photo editing apps on the market, it can be difficult to find an app that has good features and effects. But, Power App GmbH, the creators of the app, Wrap Camera, claim that their app is the “ultimate photo and image editing tool to create stunning pictures and artwork.” Wrap Camera is available in the app store for 99 cents.

Wrap Camera (1)

The home screen of Wrap Camera

Wrap Camera features normal and HD settings, which can be beneficial for anyone. The app includes several features, including: shapes, finesse, grids, 2D shapes, sketch, filters, unify, custom, editor, wrap, frame, lights and colorize. My favorite effect was ‘Unify’. This effect allows the user to combine two images. There are four different options – cocktail, bled strip, mix and midmix. Each one of these features creates a creative, individualized photo. Another excellent feature is ‘Finesse’. This feature has several different color schemes and themes to choose from, and with just one of these features, an image can be completely transformed.

Although this app has great features, I believe there are a few downsides to it. First of all, with several categories in the bottom menu, it can be quite difficult to find what you’re looking for. I spent quite a while looking through all of the categories trying to find certain features. Another negative is the fact that the app can only be used in portrait mode. So, if you’re looking to edit in landscape mode, this app isn’t for you. You also cannot zoom in on your photo while editing, which is a feature that I look for in photo editing apps. But, with a few changes, this app definitely has potential.

As a result, Wrap Camera has potential to be an excellent photo editing app. Although I can’t see myself using this app regularly, if landscape mode and zoom were added to it, I would definitely use this app on a regular basis.

You can purchase Wrap Camera for iOS here.

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One comment on “Review: Wrap Camera (iOS)

  1. Thank you very much for your amazing review.
    I forwarded your request for landscaping mode and zoom functions, hopefully we are able to include it in one of the next updates.

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