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Cover-Mate Nexus 4 Case Compatible Charging Dock Review

Cover-mate Nexus 4 Phone Dock (Photo Credit: Jordan's Tech Stop)

Cover-mate Nexus 4 Phone Dock
(Photo Credit: Jordan’s Tech Stop)

If you have a Nexus 4, you probably know you have a variety of different charging options. There’s the plain USB charging into your computer or wall, the Qi inductive charging, or you can charge your device via a dock. This charging dock isn’t your typical dock, and actually can charge your Nexus 4 with a case.

This cradle allows you to easily synchronize and charge your Nexus 4, and the process is quite simple. Just simply place your phone into the cradle, and connect the included USB 2.0 micro-USB cable to your computer or your wall input. The dock has been specifically designed for the Nexus 4 so will be a perfect fit.

The cable is quite stable and secure, with rubberized grips on the bottom. On a desk, it looks quite clean, and should help to reduce clutter with the many cables we use in today’s technology world. The cradle is also at a good angle, which enables you to use the device while charging.

The removable mount on the charging dock (Photo Credit: Jordan's Tech Stop)

The removable mount on the charging dock
(Photo Credit: Jordan’s Tech Stop)

The dock can charge your device with or without a case. And the charger has a removable mount, which allows you to adjust whether to charge with a case or not. If you don’t remove the mount, you can only charge just the phone. If you remove the mount, you can charge with a case. While not all cases are supported for charging, we have tested the dock with 2 different cases, and successfully can fit one of the cases we own. Just so you know, it seems to only fit with thinner cases, and won’t fit the thicker cases.

The device weighs only 100g, with dimensions of 80 x 75 x 50 mm. It supports input of DC 5V 500mA, and output of DC 5V 500mA. Charging time via USB 2.0 only took about 5 hours.

The dock retails for $18.99 from our friends at Be sure to go check it out!

Overall, this charging dock is a nice, stylish dock for your phone. It fits easily on a desk, and doesn’t take up too much room. It’s a decent choice to choose for your phone, especially if you have a thinner case on your phone. I would recommend it for the everyday consumer.

RATING: 8.5/10

Thanks to for providing us with this review sample. Check out their other Nexus 4 cases and accessories!


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