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Gangnam Style After One Year: The Power Of A Viral Video

Over the past year, Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm. It became the 1st video ever to reach over 1 billion views, and the views are still growing today. Today, Gangnam Style turns exactly 1 year old. It became the biggest video on the internet, and was the phenomenon of 2012.

The virability of this video shows the power of the internet. Who knew a catchy K-Pop tune with a horse dance could attract massive global attention? But this one single song with its memorable dance gained massive attention. It sparked memorable parodies, and caused the “horse dance” to become famous.

Not only did it affect Psy, but the whole K-Pop industry. According to YouTube, K-Pop views tripled within the year, following the release of Gangnam Style. From many being unaware of the K-Pop industry turned into more people becoming increasingly interested.

But why did people watch this video? Maybe it was different and unusual from the music we see in western markets. But it gained so much attention, you couldn’t even walk into a mall or party without hearing this famous tune.

This video is slowly reaching the 2 billion views mark, but it shows us how powerful the internet really is. One billion views is unbelievable, and an achievement like this is worth noting. But who knew a horse dance could ever go so viral…


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