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iOS 7 (Beta 1): Facsimile of Android?

iOS 7 is a major change that Apple introduced at WWDC last week. Since it’s announcement, I’ve been using it’s beta release for the iPod Touch 5th generation. And after a week, I think that Apple has went over the top with the major changes. I actually like the new iOS software more than the previous one. Maybe because it looks more fresh, and more bright.

I probably have to say I like the new icons much more, although it looks more like a complex version of the Android icons. Instead of keeping the original Apple unlock slider, we are able to now slide anywhere on the screen to unlock the screen. This is really what took “Apple” away from Apple and it seems like it lacked originality. The 3D effect is quite unique and literally entertaining. I would be able to stare at it for hours.

New Home Screen

New Home Screen

I can’t complain that much about iOS 7 because it is the beta version, but in total, the software crashed and restarted on me twice and there was one time where I left my iPod on while reading 9gag while falling asleep and then when I woke up, my iPod was still on and almost out of batteries. I set my auto lock to lock in 1 minute and before I went to bed, it was already fully charged. Another thing is that my iPod and the games are quite slow. For example, I’m a Candy Crush Saga player. The game would lag, then be in normal speed, then lag again. It’s probably because the apps are not iOS7 proof yet.

At the WWDC, they mentioned and showed how there will be a calendar widget that will describe today. The iPhone has it, but the iPod doesn’t. I really hope that there will be one when the final version comes out. Also, almost all the Apple products have the battery percentage beside the battery bar and only the iPods don’t have the battery percentage. If the final iOS 7 contains the battery percentages, I believe most of the users will be content with it, including me.

Overall, I really like iOS 7 and the new layout, but with so many bugs here and there, I’m tempted not to use my iPod until there is a new beta update because of how slow the iPod is. Hopefully the new beta version update will be here soon, so more bugs will be squished.

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