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iOS 7 Beta: Do You Really Need It?

Control Center

iOS 7 Beta One

Can’t wait for iOS 7? Indeed there is the developers beta, but for the general public, please keep in mind that this is a developers edition and not a public edition. The beta is intended for developers to run and test their apps on the new software and fix any bugs, which is why Apple has such a long time frame between the announcement and public release. Yes, I know iOS 7 seems cool and you can’t wait to get your hands on it, but just keep that in mind. And yes we admit, iOS 7 is a nice change so check out our overview.

But if you must intend on running iOS 7, just keep some advice in mind. If you’re using it, don’t grill a company’s app over it not functioning on iOS 7 and giving it a bad rating in the app store. It’s not ready for iOS 7 yet, so that doesn’t mean it’s buggy. What some people don’t realize is that ratings can make or break smaller app companies. Nobody will care about a bad review on a Rovio Angry Birds game, due to the brand recognition. But for the majority of smaller companies, bad reviews can deter paying customers. And if customers don’t realize that it’s being reviewed on an iOS 7 device, they’ll think the bug is on previous iOS versions. If you do find a bug, send it to the company, but don’t post a bad review over the app crashing.

And I can’t stress enough iOS 7 is a beta. There are some bugs, especially regarding privacy and security. In fact, there’s already a bug to access your photos from your lock screen using Control Center, even if it’s password protected. So if you want to risk privacy over getting your hands on iOS 7, you can do it.

So why do we use iOS 7 at JTS? We test iOS 7 for journalistic purposes, and development purposes. We will be in the process of writing an iOS application for this website in the near future (spoiler alert), so this is another reason why we have iOS 7 to test across platforms. And not everyone on our website team uses iOS 7, and in fact, we still use iOS 6 on some of our devices.

So if you really need iOS 7 and can’t wait until fall, be my guest and download it. I know it’s a long time to wait, but just be patient, it will come eventually. But if you really have to use it, just use it responsibly.


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One comment on “iOS 7 Beta: Do You Really Need It?

  1. […] Apple has stressed that the beta “should only be deployed on devices dedicated for iOS 7 beta software development.” The prerelease software is not intended for use among the general public. But that hasn’t stopped many eager people to jump the gun and access the beta early. This is an issue many tech bloggers are stressing to their viewers, and we recommend not to install the beta unless you are using it for developmental purposes. […]

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