iOS 7 (Beta 1): A Change Worth The Wait

iOS 7 - Home Screen

Apple fans have been waiting for a new look and design to iOS 7. This year at WWDC, their wish was granted. Apple unveiled a brand new look to iOS 7 under the direction of Jony Ive, and he made some well needed changes that should make fans happy. We’ve been playing around with the developer beta this week, and this was a well needed change to keep consumers happy with the iOS software.

You are absolutely going to love iOS 7. This major effort is only possible because of the incredible collaboration between Jony, his amazing design team, and Craig, with his amazing design team.

-Tim Cook

User Interface Changes:

There are some great new UI changes in iOS 7. With a fresh new look, comes some fresh new features. The newest and most requested feature I’ve been waiting for is the addition of animated backgrounds, called Dynamic Wallpapers. So far, there are only 2, and they have a resemblance to Android animated wallpapers. As well, Apple added a new wallpaper as usual to the selection of regular wallpapers to keep your home screen happy. Folders also got a slight design change, and looks more natural now. As well, searching your iOS device is slightly different, as you don’t swipe left anymore. Simply drag your finger down on any part of the screen, but not the top (because you’ll access Notification Center instead). There are some new animations that are a bit more eye appealing as well.

Control Center & Notification Center:

iOS 7 introduced some changes to the Notification Center, but the major change was the addition of the Control Center. “Control Center is something that’s so simple, yet so essential” explained Craig Federighi.

The Control Center allows you to change your settings such as controlling airplane mode, lock rotation, WiFi, Do Not Disturb mode, lock orientation, as well as accessing and changing your brightness, media controls for music, Airplay, Airdrop, and some set applications. This builds on the functionality we had in previous iOS version by double-tapping the home button and swiping to the left  to access your media controls, and change brightness and lock orientation. It’s something very similar that Android customers already have.

Notification Center also has a few tweaks. You still get to see all notifications, but the new feature was a “today view”. Today view allows you to see events such as birthday and the current stocks. It has a nice new background design, and is more eye-appealing.

The best part is both features are available now from the lock screen, so you don’t have to be signed into your iOS device.


Are you a multitasker? iOS 7 has a brand new multitasking change for you. The old multitasking in previous iOS versions is quite tedious, and not really “multitasking” to me. With the new iOS 7 mulitasking, you get a full view of the app, as well as the app icon below. To close an app, simply swipe up on the application, and it will exit the app.

Camera Filters, Square Photos & New Photos App:

To those who love taking pictures with your iOS device, rejoice! Apple finally announced camera filters for the iOS platform, something we’ve been waiting for. With the addition of filters, I can already imagine seeing my photo obsessed friends using these filters as much as Instagram. But the filter addition will really make consumers happy, and will add that customization factor to your photos. Also, Apple introduced a “square” photo feature, allowing you to take a “square” photo. Be sure to check out some example photos above!

As well, the photo app slightly changed. Photos are now sorted into “collections”, which are basically photos filtered by location. Basically, this feature you have to see for yourself when iOS comes out, as we can’t show it due to privacy issues with photos.

New Design to Stock Apple Apps:

Apple introduced some new designs to their own stock apps. Siri, photos, music, notes, and all their other apps have changed as well. The changes are a nice change, and resemble the flat design that was rumoured. But it’s good to see how Jony Ive has implemented new changes after the many years Scott was the head of mobile design.

Major changes have happened to Siri, with a new user interface, as well as new voices. You can now choose a female as well as a male voice for select languages. It’s a nice new change, as the old Siri interface didn’t have a great design. Siri is smart enough to control other parts of your device, such as reading messages and increasing brightness. As well, it has added Twitter integration, Wikipedia integration, as well as Bing web search results inside of Siri.

As well, Safari got some changes. The app has a new look, and as well as a new look to multiple tabs. As well with tabs now, you can have unlimited number of open tabs.


AirDrop is the alternative to NFC communications. Similar to NFC, it allows you to send photos, videos, contacts and documents over WiFi and Bluetooth. The transfers are encrypted. This feature is only available on the iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation (sorry iPad 3 owners), iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5th generation.

For those of you wondering about iTunes Radio, we cannot test it as it is only supported in the United States at the moment.

These are some of the main new features we got to test in iOS 7. Yes it is a change, but it’s not the major revamp as we hoped. It still has that iOS feel that Apple unveiled when they introduced the iPhone. But this is a nice change and it’s about time Apple took some initiative to keep consumers happy. In my opinion, it’s a nice change, but I don’t find it mind-blowing or fantastic.

What do you think about iOS 7? Leave your comments below and answer our poll!

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4 comments on “iOS 7 (Beta 1): A Change Worth The Wait

  1. Many of the “new and intuitive” features found in iOS have been in Android since long ago. 🙂 But I must admit, everything iOS does is a lot more refined.

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