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Apple After Steve Jobs – Nearly 2 Years Later

Among his last advice he had for me, and for all of you, was to never ask what he would do. “Just do what’s right.”

Tim Cook has finally made progress with Apple after Steve Jobs passed away. (Image Credit:

Tim Cook has finally made progress with Apple after Steve Jobs passed away.
(Image Credit:

These are the words of advice Steve Jobs had for Tim Cook. And  now, it finally seems like Tim Cook is taking this advice after their annual WWDC conference this year.

When Steve Jobs took the stage at the Apple events, he had an instant connection with the audience. From his classic “one more thing” to his presentation style, you were always drawn in to his keynote speeches. Tim Cook to me has always been a bit dull, and did not have the brilliance Jobs had. Steve Jobs always left a legacy at the conferences, and Tim Cook didn’t leave an impression.

Until now.

This year’s WWDC in a post-Jobs era was different. There was more of an excitement in the air, and more of a buzz. Everyone seemed more refreshed this time, and more excited for the presentation. Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi seemed to be refreshed and changed.

Since Jobs, there hasn’t really been anything exciting from the Apple product lineup. Sure, we’ve got new iPhones, new Macs, and the iPad Mini. But the product unveilings were not significant. It seemed that Apple “lost the magic” since the Jobs era.

But the unveiling of iOS 7 did change that. We are finally seeing now that Apple is really starting to care, and stepping up their game. The response so far for iOS 7 has mostly been positive, and you could see the relief of the audience! It’s been a change that consumers have been waiting for.

I’m glad to see Tim Cook taking Jobs’ advice. Last year, he fired Scott Forstall, and left it to Jony Ive. This in my mind was a risk, but there was no doubt in my mind that Ive could make a change. In business, you have to take risks in order to move forward, and this risk did pay off for Apple. iOS is indeed the future of Apple. With mobile devices on the rise, Apple needs to keep up with the mobile market, especially against Android. Although Ive was not a software engineer, this was a change worth the risk. And with the upcoming rumoured iWatch, a new fresh take on the software should be interesting.

But we must remember that Tim Cook cannot be Steve Jobs. There will never be another Steve Jobs, or a more influential leader at Apple. He’s not the ruthless and harsh leader Jobs was. In fact, he may be quite the opposite of Jobs. But I’m glad to see Apple is now starting to take off in a new direction. I was always skeptical of Apple after Jobs passed away, but now it seems like Apple has waken up from hibernation. With a fresh start in 2013, I believe that Apple may be able to achieve the success that they had retained once before.

“This is our signature, and it means everything”

I believe this is the start of a new Apple after the post-Jobs era.


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One comment on “Apple After Steve Jobs – Nearly 2 Years Later

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