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PhotoCal with Event Review


Apple has a great calender app, and usually I don’t find many 3rd party apps that are useful as the Apple one. Then I got word of PhotoCal. Not only is it a calendar  but a way to see when your photos were taken.

PhotoCal lets you arrange and view your photos more efficiently, while keeping you up to date on your events. This app arranges your images in chronological order and displays them on your monthly calendar view along with all of your upcoming appointments and errands.


The user interface is very clean. It’s quite simplistic, and looks good as well. I like on the right hand sidebar how they arrange the day with a big bold text, and the slighter lighter capitalized day and month text.

The app on the iPad seems to be divided up into 2 sections when in landscape mode.


On the left hand side, it has your calendar. On the calender, it shows the photos you took on that specific day, as well as the events that are scheduled on that day (not shown in the screenshot). Now if you tap on a specific day, it will show the photos you took on the right hand side. This is great if you need to find photos that were taken in a specific month, for example, your kid’s birthday party. It’s also handy for me to keep track of photos I took for possible app reviews.

The right hand sidebar is divided up into 3 buttons. The 1st button is to add a photo, opening up the camera. The 2nd button allows you to create a new event. The 3rd button allows you to see which photos were taken on the day at a specific time. Just make sure to tap on the day you wish to see photos taken.


The biggest problem with this app is I don’t see that this app could be useful for everyone. If I wish to see my photos, I could simply just go to the Photo app. However, if you need to see the photos taken on a specific day, this app would be for you.

Also, the photos can only sync with the photos taken on your specific device. I would like to see iCloud integration with Photo Stream in the future. It would create more of a unification of the devices.


Overall, I did enjoy this app, but I know this wouldn’t be useful for everyone. There are still some small changes that need to be made, such as Photo Stream iCloud integration. But if you like to keep track of your photos from the day it was taken, then this app is for you.

JTS RATING: 8.5/10


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