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Tuff-Luv Polka-Hot Faux Leather Purse for iPhone 4S Review: Simple, Yet Eye Catching

The Tuff Luv leather faux for iPhone 4/4S
(Photo Credit: Vinkie Lee/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

Tuff-Luv is a company based in the UK that is known for their faux leather cases. Not only do they have iPhone cases, they also have cases for iPads, Notebooks, and even the Kindle eBook Reader! Tuff-Luv also includes lifetime warranties for their cases with conditions. We have recently received this review sample from MobileFun. Will this case be useful to you?


The design of this case is a wallet case, which has pockets for cards and acts like a small wallet. If you’re lazy like me, you’ll really like this case. The wallet case is designed as a simple, yet eye catching faux leather purse, and if you hold it at an angle, it actually looks like a purse, rather than an iPhone case.

The case features two pocket card holders, as well as a large pocket for bills. The iPhone holder is a hard, black plastic case and the whole iPhone snaps shut with the magnetic clip. The whole case itself is larger than the iPhone to protect all four sides of the iPhone. The lock button is easily accessible as well as the charging unit of the phone, the camera and the headphone jack.

Putting your iPhone right into the hard case holder is as simple as 1,2,3! Just snap it on (non-button sides first) and done! Make sure you push your iPhone down a bit just to make sure that it’s securely on. Unlike other hard cases, your phone can easily be popped out of the case with just a slight push on the back of the leather and bend the back a little.


“The wallet aspect” is the main feature of this iPhone case. Like I stated before, it consists of three pockets in total. I put the most used cards in this case such as my monthly bus pass and my school ID card.

Apple’s newly added Passbook app goes well with this case as well. As we all know, the Passbook apps gives us the convenient of not bringing so many cards out with us. Likewise, Tuff-Luv’s wallet case also helps you by only bringing the most important cards out such as drivers licence or school ID.

With the new bus cards coming out, I simply can just place my phone against the bus card scanner and I’ll be on my trip. This case can be really useful when it comes to running errands. For example, if you need to go get some milk at the local groceries store without any hassle, just grab your phone, put your drivers licence (if you drive) and some money right into the case and off you go! It saves time, also removes the hassle of carrying a purse with a bunch of things inside just to go get some milk.


(Photo Credit: Vinkie Lee/Jordan’s Tech Stop)


I found this case wonderful, but there were also many flaws. The card holders are a tiny bit too small. I can fit my debit card in there but I struggle to pull it back out as it often gets stuck in the pocket. Also, the camera hole isn’t angled properly, as when you try to take a picture, you can see part of the case on the top right and the bottom right corner. It’s not really noticeable, but you can see it when you take the picture. This case does not include the smart lock, which is when you cover the iPhone, it will lock itself. Everytime I close my phone, I have to press the lock button manually so that it locks. I think by adding the smart lock, it would be more convenient.


The price for this case from MobileFun is $25.49 USD/CAD and £19.99 in the UK. For a wallet case, this is really affordable. It’s even cheaper to buy it from MobileFun than to get it from the Tuff-Luv site!


Overall, this case is simple yet eye catching and it meets all my expectations. I’m the type of person that would like to bring nothing when I go out with my friends, so this case fits me perfectly. I would recommend this case to anyone that has an iPhone 4/4S and would like a cheap wallet case. This case only comes in white faux leather but the snap on and card holder pocket comes in black/white polkadots or red/white polkadots.

JTS RATING: 9.3/10

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Thank you to MobileFun for sending out this review sample. Check out their other iPhone 4/4S cases they have in stock!


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