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Logitech G700 Mouse Review

LogitechG700 - Top View

Logitech is a well-known company that produces technology gadgets such as mice, keyboards and webcams. During the past years, Logitech never fails to disappoint me and my family. Their products are well priced and do the necessary jobs to its fullest. The G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse is part of Logitech’s gaming lineup.


The mouse is designed towards more of an MMORPG, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, player aspect than others such as first person shooters and strategy games. On the top of the mouse, there’re 13 Macroamable Buttons. These buttons allow you to assign a certain key combo to 1 button to pull of some new cool stunts in games. The buttons feel really good on the top, and it won’t allow you to mix them up and click it incorrectly. On the bottom of the wheel there are two buttons, and then four on the side.


LogitechG700 - Side View

I really like the design of the four buttons on the side. It makes it really easy to hit those four buttons correctly when playing games. On the side there are be 3 LED lights that display battery life. The LED lights also show DPI, which can be changed by the buttons on the top of the mouse. This mouse seems as thought it is designed for right handed people, because the pad to rest your thumb is on the left of the mouse, and not the right. The mouse can be used either wireless or wired, depending on what is more comfortable for you. It does come with a cord if you wish to use it wired, and comes with a USB receiver .


LogitechG700 - USBThe cable that it comes is quite stiff and very hard to move around if you are using the wired option instead of wireless. One key point I realized is that this mouse only feels as thought it’s designed for right handed people only. The resting pad for the thumb is on the left side and cannot change it or adjust it otherwise for left handed people. I wish Logitech could make it for left handed people also.


Overall, this is great mouse but I don’t think it is made for gaming. The mouse seems like any other ordinary mouse that is used in the office but more fancy. The price point for this mouse is $99.99 which I believe is quite fair. Other than that I would recommend this mouse to anyone that is looking for a new mouse.


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