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iSkin Aura Folio is a Great Case, but Needs Some Improvements

The iSkin Aura Folio (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Chin/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

The iSkin Aura Folio (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Chin/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

iSkin has entered the world of iPad mini cases with the Aura Folio.  It supposedly “delivers sophisticated styling balanced with thoughtful functionality and effective protection.”  The case retails for $49.99 USD and comes in a brushed black aluminum. It is also offered in a swirl pattern in purple, beige and black.


The iSkin Aura Folio is a slim, simple case.  It’s very lightweight and it fits the iPad mini perfectly.  It also features a very handy interior slot to hold cards and ID.  The case wipes clean extremely easily, and the interior is soft so it won’t scratch the screen of the iPad.  All ports, buttons and speakers are accessible and the case doesn’t interfere with the camera.  It also includes a magnetic feature that enables the iPad to automatically goes to sleep when you close the case and wake up when you open it.  And best of all, after an (accidental) drop test from about table height, the iPad wasn’t damaged in the slightest and the case only looked the tiniest bit bent in one of the corners.

The iSkin Aura Folio (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Chin/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

The iSkin Aura Folio (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Chin/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

The iSkin Aura Folio includes an alcohol wipe and cleaning cloth.


The iSkin Aura Folio retails for $49.99 USD.  Personally, I feel like the case is quite overpriced for what you get.  It’s a rather thin case and consumers could most likely get a better quality case for less.  But with a few improvements, the case could be well worth the money.


Although this case has tons of potential, I had quite a few issues with the design.  One of the biggest problems I had was with the three rubber strips that hold the iPad in different viewing angles.  They don’t hold the iPad in place at all, and once you manage to get the iPad to balance, as soon as you touch the screen it falls over.  The second issue I had with the case was with the magnetic feature that wakes and sleeps the iPad.  When I fold the front of the case behind the iPad, the magnets trigger this feature and put the iPad to sleep.  I also disliked how there was no closure to keep the case closed, and the corners and edges of the case seem a little bit flimsy.


Overall, this case has a ton of potential- it’s slim, lightweight and sophisticated.  But, there was quite a few issues with it, including the case not standing up and the magnet accidentally putting the iPad mini to sleep.  Aside from these issues, the case has a great design, and with a few modifications, it can be the perfect case for anyone!
If you wish to purchase, click here to buy the product from iSkin.
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Thank you to iSkin for providing us with this product to review.

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