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FIFA 13 iOS Review: The Best Soccer Game on the iOS Market


The FIFA franchise from EA has always been popular with consumers. And EA has yet again brought it’s popular franchise back to iOS. In my opinion, it’s one of the best FIFA games on the market, and EA did make some good changes to this years version of the game.

FIFA 13 brings over 500 fully licensed teams to choose from, resulting in over 15 000 players from across 30 leagues. Leagues range from the English Premiere League, to MLS in the Americans, as well as international teams.



The gameplay graphics are definitely an improvement from FIFA 12 for iOS, as it is built for a retina display device. The on-screen scoreboard has been slightly updated, just with a new colour scheme, but remains relatively the same as the previous version. EA did put a lot of detailed work within all game aspects this year, as player jerseys and their overall look have improved significantly. I commend EA for this little, but impactful changes. As well, you have complete control over your team during matches. For the advanced player, changing your team formations, substituting players, and other endless opportunities will allow you to play to your heart’s content.

New gameplay options have been added in this years version, but retains some old favourites. You still have your manager mode, tournament and quickmatch options. But something new this year is something I’ve been waiting for EA to do…online multiplayer. With a simple connection to your Origin account, it will allow you to play games against others online. Online games work well, but depending on your connection, it can detract from the gameplay due to the lag which is quite ridiculous sometimes. It can be really frustrating when you don’t have good WiFi when playing this mode.

As well, the “dream team” mode was added this year, giving you the ability to make your own dream soccer team from scratch. The way EA has structured this mode is quite interesting. You can’t just place players in random places, as you need to be aware of the placement of players and positions. Also, make sure to keep players you want on contract, as well as your manager. This option only works with an internet connection.



EA has updated the controls yet again in this game. This year, you have a new button called “skill move” in addition to the shoot, sprint, and pass mode on offence. The skill move allows your player to do specific soccer skill moves by moving the skill move joystick in certain directions. My personal favourite is the rainbow right/left move. Controls for the different skill moves are shown in the loading screens before each game. The defensive controls are relatively the same, as it includes a sprint, and call 2nd defender button. On the left hand side, you have the joystick with a very similar design to the previous installment.

Improvements That Could Be Made:


But of course, every good game does have some flaws. Sometimes, using the skill move isn’t at all accurate when sliding it, and can be frustrating. Memorizing all options can be be a pain, as I found no manual provided on the different skill moves possible, Different skill levels seem like a massive and considerable change in gameplay, not a minimal change in difficulty. If you like a challenge, this is great, but I’m not sure if everyone would like this. As well, if you play on a mobile device other than the iPad, the game controls will seem quite cramped, and you will have to bring your device closer to your face than you want in order to be able to see what is going on.

The online version is really laggy, and is determined by your internet connection. I found it extremely frustrating during my testing when the connection was low during many scoring opportunities. However, on a good connection, lag was minimal. But if EA can somehow structure the game to work better on low internet connections, that would certainly be an asset.

Our Verdict:


Overall, FIFA Soccer 13 for iOS is definitely a great game to invest in. EA has definitely taken advantage of the retina display graphics, creating a crisp and clean game that is visually appealing to look at. The new gameplay option “dream team” is a great mode that was added in this version, as it adds a new dimension to gameplay. Even though it does need a few tweaks regarding online multiplayer, and the difficulty levels switching between levels, EA has yet again put together a solid FIFA game for the iOS franchise. If you’ve invested in other EA FIFA games, this version will certainly not disappoint.

The game costs $4.99 in the App Store, and is worth your money. Click here to buy.


  • Design: 8.5
  • Gameplay: 9.0
  • Features: 8.5
  • Value: 9.0

Here are some more gameplay photos:


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