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The Apple iWatch: What Do I Want?

A concept design of the Apple iWatch. (Photo Credit: Gizmodo)

A concept design of the Apple iWatch.
(Photo Credit: Hajek via Gizmodo)

OK, I admit. I’m a guy who likes his watch. But mine’s not elaborate, just one of those simple Timex watches for everyday use. But what I’ve been waiting for is a “smart watch” and Apple may be coming out one in the near future. And let’s face it, Apple has enough money already, so why not? So with an iWatch imminent, and the rumour mill growing every day, it seems certain that Apple will soon enter this market.


The iWatch design is a huge factor in my opinion. It needs to be a revolutionary design, and not something that feels cheap. But with Jonathan Ive, the brain behind Apple’s product designs, I believe Apple could produce something extremely cool. The design should be suitable to all target markets, including kids, business, and fitness gurus to name a few. The design should be made up of their touchscreen glass, with either an aluminium or metal backing. The watch should be offered in different colours, similar to their iPod lineup. As well, the wrist strap may be leather, but it may have a different material in the end. With Apple’s past in design, I’m sure that they will put together something really cool.


The iWatch software should be a version of iOS. And the features that Apple can include are endless. The basic features should include seeing your incoming calls and text messages. As well live in a connected world, this is a key selling point in order for Apple to survive in the market. Next, we should have some basic apps on the watch. These apps should include a weather app, as well as other utility apps such as a pedometer. I would also like to see Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as email message integration. Just getting a quick notification would be handy. Furthermore, I would also like to see reminders from your calender. Finally, I’m almost certain that the iWatch would include Siri, their voice assistant. It would keep the same functionality as it’s iPhone/iPod/iPad counterparts. But what we won’t see is a keyboard. It’s quite impractical on such a small screen, and if they wished to achieve this, Bluetooth would be the best option. We may not see music integration with a headphone jack, but it’s always a possibility.


The iWatch would sell best if connected via Bluetooth. If it does come out, I hope that Apple does not develop a separate app just to connect your device. As well to be a “smart device”, it would be nice to see connectivity with your WiFi network or 4G or 3G network.


In order for the iWatch to be a success, Apple must strategically price it’s product. It cannot be higher than the cost of their iPod Touch, as that price would be impractical to the consumer. I’m hoping for a price around $100 maximum, but with Apple’s pricing model, we won’t know until it’s unveiled.


Here at JTS, we’re always saying it’s the year of the smartwatch. And with the CooKoo smartwatch already released, Apple must strategically work in order to battle for market share with this. However, I’m excited to see what Apple would do if they did indeed release the iWatch. I believe that this product would sell, but only to a certain niche. It won’t be for everyone, and selling it to the consumer to invest in more Apple hardware will be interesting to see.

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