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Logitech R400 Review: Wireless Presenter That Gets The Job Done

Logitech R400

The Logitech R400 Wireless Presenter.
(Photo Credit: Jordan Yep/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

Ever done a presentation with PowerPoint? If you’re like me before I had a presenter, I always had to go back to my computer station to move my slides along. And this action detracts from your presentation. But with a presenter, it will allow flow within your presentation. Logitech, a recognized brand for computer peripherals, has come out with a nice wireless presenter for your presenting needs.

The Logitech R400 is a wireless presenter with a USB adapter that stores nicely in the bottom of your presenter. It has a 50-foot range with 2.4 GHz technology, and operates on two AAA batteries. The battery life is quite good for me, and with the occasional presentation, the battery life was around a year.

The R400 features a red laser pointer to help with your presentations. As well, it features 4 buttons: one to go forward, one to go backward, one to blank out screen, and another to start your presentation. It also has a battery indicator, something handy so you don’t run out of batter power in the middle of a presentation.

On the side, it features the on/off switches. The texture of the button makes it sometimes hard to move the switch, but the switch will work. The forward and backward buttons are quite easy to use, and the inclined buttons make it nice to use. The start presentation button and black out screen button are smaller and sometimes hard to press accurately. However, it works pretty well for the majority of the time.

The presenter works with PowerPoint. However, if you are using Keynote on the Mac, not all the features on the presenter will work. One of the features is that you cannot blank out the screen, something I find that is quite good to use in a presentation at times.

Here are some product photos:

The R400 retails for $59.99. CAD and $49.99 USD. To me, it seems just a bit overpriced, and I would like to see the product come down $10 in their respective currencies. However, it’s a great presenter, and you will get your value from this. Overall, this is a great presenter, and if you purchase this, you will not be disappointing.

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