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Apple’s Tim Cook Did Not Want To Sue Samsung

Apple CEO Tim Cook(Photo Credit: Engadget)

Apple CEO Tim Cook
(Photo Credit: Engadget)

We’ve all heard it enough in the tech media. Yes, I’m talking about the feud between Apple and Samsung. It’s like two brothers who just can’t get along! But according to a recent report from Reuters, Tim Cook never had any intentions on suing Samsung! In fact, he was initially opposed in suing Samsung. But Steve Jobs’ lawsuit against Samsung was part of his “thermo-nuclear” strategy to keep iPhone clones off the market. But Apple did warn Samsung that their designs were “too close” to the iPhone and the iPad.

However, Apple has had little success in the ban of Samsung devices, so Tim Cook may have a point in not wanting to sue Samsung. However, the patent wars will continue in the future. But if Tim Cook did indeed have no intentions about suing Samsung, this would be Steve Jobs’ worst nightmare!

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