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The iSkin Pebble is a Unique Case, But Needs a Few Changes

Packaging for iSkin Pebble (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Chin/Jordan's Tech Stop)

Packaging for iSkin Pebble (Photo Credit: Jaclyn Chin/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

The Toronto-based company, iSkin, released the Pebble case for the 4th generation iPod touch back in 2010 and has recently sent one out to us for review.  The case is described as a stylish case with all-around surface protection, making it sophisticated yet practical.  The case also features Microban- an antibacterial coating that protects the case from stains, odor, bacteria and fungus.  The case comes in five different colors (black, purple, turquoise, red and pink) and retails for $19.99 USD.


The iSkin Pebble is a soft plastic case with maximum surface protection.  It features a very unique ‘pebble’ design on the back of the case with elevated, translucent pebble shaped areas of plastic.  The hole for the back camera is also cut in a pebble shape, and the largest ‘pebble’ surrounds the Apple symbol.  The material of the case is a flexible plastic that protects like a hard case, but feels like a soft case. It’s very thin (the thickest the case gets is 1.5mm), making the case not bulky at all.  The material isn’t slippery, and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall out of my hand like some cases do. The power and volume buttons are covered by thin plastic, and a port cover covers the dock connector, preventing dust from getting inside your device.  The port cover is very well designed, and it snaps in and out of the port very easily.  The case is also slightly elevated on the front, so if you drop your iPod, the screen probably won’t hit the ground.


The iSkin Pebble comes with a cleaning cloth, a pack of LCD anti-static cleaning wipes, iSkin stickers, and a paper with a link to the online user guide.


This case retails for $19.99 USD.  I think this a fairly reasonable price for an iSkin case, but since it’s just a thin plastic case, I feel like it should be a little bit more inexpensive ($12-$15 maybe?).  But, because of the unique design, this case could definitely be worth the money.


One of the biggest issues I have with this case is the covering for the power and volume buttons.  I find that it makes the buttons really difficult to press, and sometimes you really have to press hard for the button to work.  Another issue I had with the case was the lack of coverage on the front.  I really like cases that cover the front of the case as well, because I’m really prone to cracking my screen, but this case just stops at the top and bottom of the device.  Covering the front glass up until the screen would be a good feature.  I had one last issue with this case.  I’m not sure if it’s just my case or not, but right below the home button, the case is cut very jagged and it’s quite sharp.

Bottom of the iSkin Pebble (Photo Credits: Jaclyn Chin/Jordans's Tech Stop)

Bottom of the iSkin Pebble (Photo Credits: Jaclyn Chin/Jordans’s Tech Stop)


The iSkin Pebble is a great quality case for the iPod touch 4th generation with a unique design, but the power and volume button covers could be revised a bit, and I would’ve like the case to cover a bit more of the front of the device.  But, the case gives great protection, and, with a few modifications, it won’t disappoint!

Here are some photos:


If you wish to purchase, click here to buy the product from iSkin.

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