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iSkin Silo Tote Bag Review: Feels Like a Piece of Luggage

iSkin tag that came with the bag
(Photo Credit: Vinkie Lee/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

iSkin is a company in Toronto that has recently sent out a bag to us for review. The iSkin Silo Collection came out 3 years ago. This bag is designed for a new and innovative way to carry your laptop with style. I personally love this bag in every little way possible, but there are a couple of flaws hidden within the dumbfounded bag.

The Silo Collection nine different types of bags: three styles of bags and five different designs . Unlike other typical bags you buy from other stores, this collection doesn’t have a set design (which means not all three styles have all five design types.) The three types of bags in this collection are:

  • Slim
  • Tote
  • Messenger

The designs are unique and stands out from other laptop bags found in a typical electronics store. Some of the designs are not on a type of bag, for example, the Digital Camo design is only for the messenger bag alone. The five designs within the silo Collection are:

  • Ami
  • Happy Friends
  • Royal
  • Karl the Ninja
  • Digital Camo

From what I know of, Happy Friends and Ami is one of the best selling designs for the silo collection. They were always sold out when I was checking on their website.

Here is silo’s full collection:


(Photo Credit: iSkin)

Features and Specialties: 

The Silo bag is a laptop bag that is posed to act as an everyday bag as well. The tote bag can hold a laptop up from 13″ to 15″, any bigger would not fit. This simple and unique bag stands out not only from how it looks, but also from the materials that are used to make it. The materials that was used is strong and can withstand a lot of weight that is put into the bag. The handles are held by a metal binding so that the fabric of the handle doesn’t break due to the heaviness of the bag. Inside the bag consists of  different pockets to carry items such as a laptop, an iPad, folders and makeup bags. The laptop pocket stands out because it has microfiber that is over top of it, just as you will see in any other laptop bags. What’s different about the silo Tote bag, the zippers are not made out of plastic. At the bottom of the bag are a couple of studs. These can ensure that when the bag is put on the floor, the tote won’t get dirty as easily. 

Opening the tote, you are able to see what I was able to fit in there for a typicalschool day. My laptop fit perfectly in there since it is an 10.6″ Acer laptop. I also was able to fit a pencil case, a make up bag and also a water bottle. The inner hidden pocket held my keys, and other little knick-knacks I had to bring with me.


(Photo Credit: Vinkie Lee/Jordan’s Tech Stop)


The pricing of the silo collection in general is around $70.00 USD. Although iSkin’s products are quite expensive, I think the price of this collection is reasonable. The tote’s main use is to carry a laptop, but it also use can be used as an everyday bag.


There are a couple of flaws that really bugs me when I use this tote bag. Firstly, the weight of the bag. In general, the bag is already heavy with a couple of pounds. When you add a laptop and other things into the bag, it can feel like a 10 pound luggage. I brought it to school one day and my shoulders were in pain when I got home due to the massive weight of the bag. Secondly, the bag doesn’t have a soft shape to fit everything inside. I have to agree, yes it is a laptop bag, but it’s really hard to put things that have a curve or a roundness to it without it taking up A LOT of room in the bag. Lastly, probably the most important one, the laptop pocket. The laptop pocket is on the very side of the bag, Although there is an extra padding on the exterior, a hard bang on the laptop side of the bag may possibly damage your laptop. I believe that iSkin should add more padding on the inside of the laptop pocket, to prevent damage to the laptop or if so, an iPad.

Final Thoughts: 

To sum it up, I believe that the silo tote bag is unique and and simple for an everyday user. Nevertheless, iSkin can use a bit more touch up to this product to add more protection. This bag is affordable and also very useful for business workers as a hand carry.

If you wish to purchase, click here to buy the product from iSkin.

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