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Internet Provider Telus To Reduce Download Limits in February 2013

(Photo Credit: The Globe and Mail)

(Photo Credit: The Globe and Mail)

Are you an Telus Internet customer? Then you may be upset by the new Internet download limits and upload limits that are going to take place next month. Last month, Telus sent out letters about this, and now it’s going to take effect next month.

Starting on February 1st 2013, if you use the land-line internet service will be affected if you live on BC or Alberta. The services are almost reduced by 50% for each service. Also, the changes do not seem to affect Optik Internet at the moment.

The new limits are as followed:

  • Telus High Speed Turbo 25 has been reduced to 250GB from 500GB
  • Telus High Speed Turbo has been reduced to 150GB from 250GB
  • Telus High Speed has been reduced to 100GB from 150GB
  • $2 will be added for each additional GB used

Honestly, the reductions are ridiculous at the prices Telus customers are paying. With packages already starting at $37 per month for the lowest data caps, I do believe people are going to go over their data, especially if they have family. Add on streaming media services such as Netflix, downloading iTunes movies, and other activities, you’re going to easily go over the data limits.

Comparing these prices to American prices such as AT&T, these are certainly quite high. Even Shaw Internet has high prices compared with Telus. But honestly, this needs to change in Canada. Streaming media is certainly being more popular, so reducing the data caps at the same high price is quite ridiculous to me. We seem to be going “backwards” instead of “forwards” in this day and age of the future of the internet.

These new data caps are certainly going to lose customers for Telus. Their slogan is “the future is friendly”, but to me with these new implications, the future is certainly not friendly. Sorry Telus.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you a Telus customer that’s been upset by this? I want to know your opinions. And visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+  for the latest tech news, reviews and updates.


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