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iSkin Q.West Sling Review: Great Product With a Great Design, But Could Use Some Tweaks


iSkin’s Sling from the Q.West Collection
(Photo Credit: Jordan Yep/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

iSkin, a Toronto based company, released a Q.West collection over a year ago. The Q.West Collection is described as Cutting-edge, future chic. It’s also described as a collection that immediately jumps out, and gives your tech gadgets a fresh fashion statement. Recently, we checked out the Q.West Sling from the collection. It’s a really good product, but there are just a few changes that we could suggest to improve the product.

The iSkin Q.West collection is one of iSkin’s signature themed product lines. They all follow the same design, but each product is quite different that will appeal to different users. Other products from this collection include:

  • Travel Bags
  • MacBook Sleeves
  • iPad Sleeves & Slings
  • Camera Pouch
  • Backpacks
  • iPad Folios

Here is their full collection from the Q. West Collection:

iSkinQwestSling Full Collection

Photo Credit: iSkin


The Q. West Sling is a sleeve-style carrying bag for your iPad. The design to the Q. West Sling is quite nice, and uses a material that’s used is quite different from other slings or backpacks, making this product really “stand out” from others. This bag has an integrated shoulder-strap, which gives it the name “Sling”. It’s made of a nice padded material that rests on your shoulder and chest, which will rest comfortably on the shoulder and chest. The material that the Q. West Sling also rests extremely nicely on your back during carrying. This sleeve also features room for additional accessories that you may require. The various pockets could be used to fit a Bluetooth keyboard, Apple charger cable, and other small devices that you may use. There is also a small pocket on the front for your mobile phone, but you could use it for other small devices such as an iPod or MP3 player. This is a nice touch that iSkin adds. Beside that is a small detail I missed, a slim pocket to hold either a pen or pencil. The zippers that are used are made of plastic, and will match the colour of the case that you order.

On the front of the case, it features a zippered-pocket. This pocket is smaller, so I would recommend that it should be used to fit smaller accessories such as headphones, screen cleaning cloth, and other accessories you may need. Behind, the product has a Velcro pocket. I can see it being used for a water bottle, or a beverage, but honestly, this pocket is exposed a bit, so I wouldn’t put any accessories in there, especially during a rainy season. Honestly, I wouldn’t really use that pocket, but that’s just my preference.

The front pocket of the iSkin Q.West Sling(Photo Credit: Jordan Yep/Jordan's Tech Stop)

The front pocket of the iSkin Q.West Sling
(Photo Credit: Jordan Yep/Jordan’s Tech Stop)

Opening up the inside of the Sling, it reveals a pocket for your iPad. iSkin says it should fit with an Apple Smart Cover, but I don’t think it would fit with most cases, as there is only minimal room for your iPad. Something really neat about the Sling is that it even has a pocket for your charger, something I rarely see with a carrying device. I wish it would fit the iSkin Aura2 case, but you can force it in with without the pocket. But slimmer cases should be able to fit in the pocket.

The iSkin Q. West Sling comes in 4 different colours: red, purple, green, and blue. All of them are quite nice, and the different colours will suit the taste of each consumer. The black version is not selling anymore, as it is not an option on their website. However, I will confirm this with iSkin. 

iSkinQwestSling - All Colours

Photo Credit: iSkin


The iSkin Sling is included with an iSkin cleaning cloth, and some iSkin tags. No iSkin stickers are included with this case (if you’ve bought an iSkin case for your phone or iPad, you’ll get stickers). It also comes with a nice and fairly large iSkin black carrying bag. This is a nice addition that iSkin includes. Makes up for the loss of stickers!

The black bag that iSkin includes

The black bag that iSkin includes


The Sling is not a cheap case, and is quite expensive. This case will set you back $100.00 USD. However, the iSkin products tend to be quite expensive. Honsetly, I think iSkin should lower the price down to $60-80, as it would be more affordable to consumers. But it’s a pretty good value for your money. 


Something that really concerns me about this case though is that even though it has a pocket for your iPad, the front doesn’t have that much padding. I’m worried that if you use your iPad without a case or front cover (which is something I do not recommend), a good fall to the front of the Sling, or lots of pressure to the front, may crush the screen. This is something I believe iSkin should address in the next version. As well, I believe that iSkin should add more padding to the Sling, which could allow it just to have a bit more protection. My final complaint is that the positioning for the mobile phone holder on the front is a bit awkward. Possibly iSkin should allow that to be adjustable and allow the consumer to reposition it.

Here are some more photos of the product:


Overall, the Q.West Sling is quite nice for your iPad, bringing nice design touches that truly make it an “iSkin Proudct”. However, it could use a few changes.  If more padding for better protection is addressed, I’m sure that the product will be more appealing to consumers. As well, the price does need to be lowered a bit so it’s more affordable. In conclusion, this product should not disappoint you, and is a great addition for your iPad.

If you wish to purchase, click here to buy the product from iSkin.

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