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[EXCLUSIVE] The New Facebook Layout Design Tested With Select Users; We Have It!

Credit: The Inquisitir

Reports from many technology outlets have said that Facebook is testing a new design layout for Timeline. But however, what reports did not say that Facebook is also testing a new design with a layout, separate from Timeline.

The new design features a single column layout, rather than the new Facebook timeline layout. However, Timeline will still apply to pages as of right now. The new design features your posts on the left, just like the old design before Timeline was integrated. The right hand side shows advertisements, and will show friends, apps, and activity updates. Removing Timeline is a great move for user profiles, forcing the user to make their eyes go crazy as the zig-zag across posts as they scroll down. However, leaving Timeline for business is a good choice.

We have gained an exclusive look at the new Facebook layout, courtesy of one of our lucky friends. We have blacked out the profile picture name for their security.

As you can see, the notification bar, messages, and new friend requests have moved over to the right hand side on the top toolbar. The search bar has been moved to the left hand side. Removed is your actual name from the toolbar. The arrow has an identical layout to what you see now, showing the pages you own, help, account and privacy settings when you click on it.

Unfortunately, we cannot show you the single column new timeline layout due to the protection of the user, but with this new toolbar, it’s a nice new change that Facebook is doing. Personally, I like it better! Also, on your homepage, the left column will stay the same.

This new toolbar change will anger select users, as there is always backlash when Facebook incorporates changes. However, a single column Timeline will certainly make many users more happy, as I know many hated the new Timeline layout. I personally didn’t approve of timeline for my own profile, but it’s awesome for business purposes. But I want to hear your opinions. Comment them below, and visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+  for the latest tech news, reviews and updates.

We’ll have more pictures hopefully coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for updates.


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