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Humstar, Another Music App That Lacks A Younger Audience

With all the new multiplayer games out in the Canadian App Store such as Draw Something and SongPop, who can leave out the brand new game Humstar? The one distinctive thing about this game is that rather than singing to the song, like most games, this application requires you to hum to the song.

The beginning of the game is like any other multiplayer game on the iPhone, which requires you to either connect to your Facebook or use your email in order to find your friends. Of course, if none of your friends play this game, you’re able to play with a stranger. There are three different modes ranging from easy to hard in the game. For the easy level, if you put your ear against your phone, it will seem as if you were talking on the phone. The song will play through the speakers, allowing you to listen to the song while humming it. Same goes for the medium level, though there are no lyrics, but just the instrumental version of the song. Last but not least, there is the hard level, where there is no help from the game at all.

There are a couple of flaws to this game that could easily be pointed out and one of the major ones is the songs within the game. Most of the songs are generally from the 80’s or 90’s, but there are a couple of famous songs from our generation. To refresh the song list, its 40 points and you still may not get any songs you know. Many iPhone gamers tend to be the younger audience, so this game may not be right for them. I was lucky enough to get a playlist with all 3 songs that I know, as shown below.

Another flaw to the game is that when playing the easy and medium mode, the recorder also records the music that is playing from the ear speaker. This gives the player a “ticket” to the next round because they don’t have to hum the song (although the person receiving the hum may not know the song…).

In this game, you collect coins in order to swap songs and such. Like I said before, to swap songs, it’s 40 coins. Gaining 40 points must be a lot of games, especially when one easy round is only 1 coin. As for the graphics of the game, it’s good but not attractive. The pictures within the game may not attract most players. They have sharp colours that stand out and also contrast with each other, making it look soothing to the eyes.

This app overall isn’t the best, but also isn’t the worst. Many things can be changed to the game to attract a wider audience. For a free game, it’s pretty decent, although it has many flaws. The only thing that stood out was that unlike any other music app, you have to hum instead of sing. I do recommend this game if you’re into 90’s music and enjoy humming! The app is available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation and iPad with iOS 5 or later.

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