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Apple Introduces The Newer “New iPad”

Phil Schiller talks about the 4th generation iPad
(Credit: Engadget)

OK Apple, let’s get one thing straight. I bought your iPad 3rd generation, and you usually update your major products once a year. Today, you release a 4th generation iPad, and no longer sell my version iPad, but only in the refurbished section. I feel like this iPad I have now is “old tech.” Why did you have to change your cycle now?

That’s how many people felt today after Apple’s surprise announcement of the 4th generation iPad. Phil Schiller unveiled this refreshed version at today’s conference, and tried to make it seem like a “huge upgrade” when in reality it wasn’t. But it still makes my iPad feel old now.

Apple updated this with the A6X processor, doubling the CPU and graphics power compared to the A5X chip in the 3rd generation iPad. It has 10 hours of battery life, a Facetime HD camera, and more LTE support, but mainly for the United Kingdom. It also removed the old 30-pin dock connector (no surprise there), and refreshed it with the lighting connector.

But what baffles me the most is they have pretty much wiped out the 3rd generation iPad, and it no longer exists. Yet, they still have the iPad 2, but no iPad 3rd generation. You can by a refurbished one in the Apple Store, but this is really confusing to me. Why not just lower the price on the 3rd generation iPad? They keep talking about “innovation,” but the iPad 3rd generation is better than the 2nd generation. And this new iPad is, and even CEO Tim Cook said it, the fastest selling iPad and the best-selling tablet.

This quote I found from Twitter sums up the anger in the perfect tweet:

Some Apple stores will do exchanges for the iPad 3rd generation if bought in the last 30 days, but this surprise announcement is sure to anger many customers. Hopefully I can get my iPad exchanged, and I did buy it on the launch day, so hopefully that will help me. One thing for certain, there are certainly people laughing about the suckers who have the 3rd generation iPad.

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