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We’re Launching the JTS Store!

Here at Jordan’s Tech Stop, we’ve only been in operation for just over a year. In this short time, we have been fortunate to review products for companies such as iSkin, Targus, and various app companies. We are just amazed at what we have accomplished over the year.

We are excited to launch our Jordan’s Tech Stop store, and we’re teaming up with the well known company Spreadshirt! We’re going to sell JTS gear, such as tshirts, hoodies and much more. The store is almost complete, as we’re just finishing up designs, but we’re going to give you a first look at it. Prices start at $16 in Canadian currency (hey, we’re a Canadian tech website).

We’ve teamed up with Spreadshirt because of their unique and high quality branding. They have offered the best prices, because we always have you, the reader, in mind.

Go to Spreadshirt for t-shirt printing here.

You can visit our store at The store will be updated over the coming month, so stay tuned for more JTS swag!

We hope you buy some gear, and thanks again for all the support.


About Jordan Yep

Senior Editor and President of Jordan's Tech Stop. From a young age, he has always been fascinated by technology, and enjoys reporting and checking out the latest in the tech world. Jordan has an IT Essentials certification from Cisco, which he received in 2012. Email Jordan at:

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