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Steve Jobs…1 Year Later

Steve Jobs
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One year ago, Steve Jobs, a legacy in the technology world died. It’s almost hard to believe that Steve left his legacy behind just a year ago, and to see where Apple is now. But Jobs was the “heart and soul” of Apple, and his death has affected the company throughout the year.

One thing I do realize since Steve died is the continuing decline of Apple. Sure they may have a high stock, and sure they have a good market share within the tablet and smartphone market. But if we look at the numbers, we can see that Apple has started to have declining market share. With Android on the rise, I’m really starting to move toward Android for my next phone. Coming from a guy who is a part Apple fanboy, I’m really saying this from the heart. I do truly believe that Android is starting to become superior to Apple slowly.

Without Jobs, I’m seeing a humongous trend lately, and I’m sure you have too. The leaks for new devices are truly accurate. It seems with Tim Cook, people aren’t afraid of him like they were for Steve Jobs. We knew what the iPhone 5 looked like in June, and we barely saw leaks with Apple, not counting the drunken employees who left them in bars! Tech journalists seem to have a good idea of what the iPad Mini will look like, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumours are true.

But we must realize what Steve Jobs did for the company Apple. His innovation with Ive did truly bring Apple to what it is today. The music industry changed because of him, with the iPod and iTunes. And we all listen to music on a daily business, on our computers, tablets, and mobiles. I certainly do. We must realize that Steve Jobs was a “pioneer” of the modern smartphone industry. Nobody could image 10 years ago that a cell phone could do so much, and be this thin and small. The technology has evolved so much, and without Apple, we will have most likely not had Android. And the tablet market changed because of him. The iPad is still the dominant force in the tablet market.

Without Steve Jobs, this website would not have existed. I would not have the opportunity to review products and apps. And because of this, Apple and Steve Jobs will always have my respect.

So what are your thoughts one year after the death of Steve Jobs? I want to hear your thoughts. Comment below with your opinion. And visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for the latest tech news, reviews and updates.


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