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Microsoft Stores to Open at Metrotown and Oakridge Center in BC

A Microsoft Stores in USA
(Credit: Gizmodo)

Canada will soon be home to America’s Microsoft Stores. Starting later this month, Microsoft will start rolling out their Microsoft stores in Canada. Here in British Columbia, specifically near the Vancouver region, Metrotown in Burnaby and Oakridge Center in Vancouver will be home to BC’s first Microsoft Stores.

These new stores will join the 23 new Microsoft Stores across Canada, and as well as the 25 stores in the United States.

Opening a Microsoft Store in Canada is the next big step for the company. Here in BC, we have Apple Stores and Samsung stores. Competing Microsoft Stores could potentially take away market share from other companies like Future Shop and Best Buy.

What’s interesting I find about these locations is how Microsoft strategically placed their new Microsoft Stores at the same location as Apple Stores. Oakridge Center and Metrotown both have Apple Stores. As well, Metrotown does also have a Samsung store. It’s going to be interesting to see how these business duke it out, and to see how much popularity that the stores will receive. Both Metrotown and Oakridge are busy malls, making the location ideal for the company.

The stores open strategically around the same time Microsoft will release their next operating system, Windows 8. As well, the Microsoft Stores will most likely feature their next new product, the Surface tablets. With the increasing tablet market, it’s smart that Microsoft opens shop here in BC, to give consumers more knowledge on the tablets.

It will be interesting to see how popular the Microsoft stores will be. Most people I’ve talked to have never really heard of a Microsoft Store, and I don’t see that much marketing yet about the stores. But time will tell, and with the upcoming Christmas shopping season, we’ll see if the Microsoft Stores are a hit, or will go down the same path as Windows Vista.


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One comment on “Microsoft Stores to Open at Metrotown and Oakridge Center in BC

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