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A TSA Officer Was Caught Stealing an iPad (ABC News)

Every time we got to the airport, we trust that our tech is always with us. But sometimes, we misplace it, leave it at a charging station at the airport. And when we realize it’s gone on the plane, it’s too late. Yes it’s a sad scenario but reality. In fact, about 1200 laptops are left at airports each week. But if we do leave tech at airport checkpoints, we should trust those TSA officers to report them so the rightful owner can get them back. It’s company standard, but some TSA officers have different intentions.

ABC wanted to investigate TSA theft, so they went to 10 airports, and left iPads with money inside. Pretty tempting for theft, eh? Well, 9 TSA officers did what they should do, report it. But one TSA officer in Orlando, Florida did the complete opposite. The iPad was not returned. TSA officer Andy Remirez, at the checkpoint, was the last person seen with the iPad.

However, Remirez did not expect this, and should have been smarter. ABC News used the feature “Find My iPhone/iPad” and tracked the iPad down. It was tracked all the way back to his home. Two weeks later, they visited his house to inquire about the missing iPad.

He at first denied having the iPad, so ABC News set off the alarm on the iPad. Don’t you think now would be a good time to fess up? Not in Remirez’s case. He blamed his wife for taking the iPad. Yes, his wife. In the end, this TSA officer was fired obviously. But this shocking allegation reminds us if TSA officers are really there to help, and are willing to be honest. For me, next time I go to the airport, I won’t let my tech out of my sight.


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