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iOS 6 is Disappointing…Yet It Still Has Good Features

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we all update our iOS devices. This time, it’s iOS 6, and it’s disappointing, buggy, and did not impress me. However, it does have some good points, but the bad features overlook the good.


Native Siri for all compatible iOS devices was finally launched. And Siri was…well…Siri. It’s not perfect, and is almost a “gimmick.” Yet, it’s still awesome for those who like to speak to their phones. However, I can’t see Siri mainstream, and something normal in the near future. I tried the new features, such as looking up hockey scores, searching for movies, and finding restaurants. They seemed to work well in my region, Vancouver. However, when I was looking up player stats, if they have irregular names, they may minsinterpert the name. For example. I searched up Vancouver Canuck Daniel Sedin , Siri thought I said, said Dean.


If you have been following the latest iOS news, you may have heard criticism on the new Apple Maps. And yes, it did disappoint me. I loved the old Maps from Google, but Apple had to go ahead and change it. Now, users are not happy. Apple did release a statement.

Maps is a cloud-based solution and the more people use it, the better it will get

For me, I do hope that Apple will fix the Maps app. But Google, please release a Maps app for iOS!


This came as a shock to many. My friends complained to me, NO MORE YOUTUBE! AHHHHHHHHHHH! But developers, and technoistas alike, knew that Apple was removing this app the other month. However, get the YouTube app from Google from the App Store. There is no iPad version yet, so sit tight iPad users.


Hallelujah! Apple has finally integrated Facebook into the OS similar to Twitter. Basically, you can post to Facebook from the Notification Center, as well as Siri.


Yes, there are some good features. My favourite is Shared Photo Streams. This allows you to have a photo stream between your contacts. For me, this is really handy for pushing out photos to my friends, as well as different members of my website team.


Apple has updated their stores in part of their whole new look for stores. Updated is the iOS Apple Store, the Music Store, and the iBook Store.

Overall, iOS 6 is a weak update. However, with a few changes, I believe that this could be a better update. But as of right now, Apple needs to make some changes, especially to Maps.

So do you like iOS 6, or is it disappointing? Comment below, and check out our article on how to prepare for the new iPhone 5 here. We have iPhone 5 coverage coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned. And visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+  for the latest tech news, reviews and updates.


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