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Wipeout for iOS is an Addicting and Just Plain Fun App

Ever seen that TV show Wipeout? I bet you have. The falls, the stumbles, and those famous “big red balls” is what made that TV show ever so fun to watch, and of course feel pity for those poor souls who endure that (right?). Well, the fun and craziness of Wipeout has landed on the iOS platform. And it didn’t take long to be the number one paid app in the Canadian App Store. Get ready to Wipeout!

The show setup is in three parts, unlike the TV show which is in four parts. First is the Qualifier, then a Knockout Zone, followed by the Wipeout Zone. As similar to the TV show, you have to conquer obstacles, and they come in all shape and forms. Of course, they had to add the famous “big balls,” and you know it wouldn’t be “Wipeout” without them.

The Qualifier features mostly simple obstacles to dodge, move around, and get past. As mentioned, the app does include the big balls, which in my opinion, is one of the hardest obstacles within the game. You have a time limit overall to meet, and you do have the option to skip obstacles similar to the show. However, you will incur a 20 second time penalty. The Knockout Zone (a themed challenge) is the 2nd round. Basically, you only have three chances to make this, and make it with one run. If you Wipeout, you must restart at the beginning of the challenge. Similar to the qualifier, you have a time limit, but cannot skip obstacles this time (cause that would be just a bit too easy wouldn’t it?). Overall, these rounds are easy to win once you get the hang of the controls. Finally, the Wipeout Zone is the most fun to do. This is almost identical to the Qualifier, you have to go through a series of obstacles within a certain time limit. If you beat the whole round, that round will be upgraded to the next level, making it a harder to beat the game a second time.

The controls to the game are difficult at first, as you have to get used to them. Trust me, I was struggling with the controls at first, even doubting whether I had wasted my money on this app. However, once I got the hang of the controls, I was completely hooked to the app. On the left hand side, you have the option to move forward and back by simply sliding your finger. On the right hand, just tap to jump, and slide your finger down to dive. You can also squat by moving your finger down on the left hand side. Just practice your controls, and you’ll get the hang of it.

In the game, you collect coins and cash. This can be used to purchase more themed shows. You start off with a basic show, but as you collect coins, you can purchase more shows. You can also purchase helmets, which have different abilities such as running faster, and slowing down time. You can also purchase additional characters. The audio to the Wipeout iOS app is identical to the Wipeout theme when you load the game. There is in game music, and is different to each show. The graphics are decent, but not stunning, nor horrible.

Overall, this app is quite good. It’s awesome how Activision followed the TV show quite well, which will make any Wipeout fan quite happy. It’s not easy, but not extremely difficult. It will still give you a challenge, but you will still have fun while playing the app. You should really buy this app, and it only costs $1.99 in the Canadian App Store. If you’re a fan of the show, you should definitely buy this app!


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