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Get the Best Custom Photos With Picfx

After the success of InstagraImagem, tons of square photography apps have been released.  Out of all the ones that I’ve tried, none of them could compare with Instagram.  I use Instagram on a daily basis, but in all honesty, I was getting bored with using the same filters over and over again.  I’ve been searching for a square photography app with several different filters and textures, and for only $1.99, Picfx is exactly what I was looking for!

 Picfx features over 50 filters, 5 premixed filters with textures, 4 black and white settings, over 40 textures, and several different frames.  The effects are categorized into folders labelled Classics, Vintage, Urban, Cross Process, Premixed, Black & White, Scratches, Light, Textures, Space, Grunge, and Frames.  There is also a ‘Stylize’ option, where you can change the colours of your photo with options such as: black and white, normal, sepia, vintage, and bright.  The feature that puts this app on a different level than Instagram is the fact that you can layer as many effects as you want, control how strong you want the effects to be, and rotate the effects.  With these options, you can create truly unique photos with customizable effects.  You can then email your photos or share them on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, or Instagram.

You can either upload a photo Imagefrom your device, or take a photo with the in-app camera.  I chose to use some photos that were on my iPod that I uploaded from my camera.  This is where I found a minor flaw in the app.  The photos I uploaded were in HD, and when I opened them, Picfx crashed.  Because of this, I had to crop the photos to make them smaller, and then open them with the app.  It wasn’t much of a big deal, but it was a little bit time consuming cropping all of my photos before editing them.  Other than this, I haven’t found any other flaws in the app.

My favourite feature of the app are the Space textures- they can instantly transform your photo by adding outer space textures.  This effect is great for night time shots with silhouettes or day time shots of the sky.  You have a choice of several different textures, and you can customize them by using other filters on top of them.


Picfx has tons of different light effects.  They have a great selection of flames and light leaks, but the best light effects by far are the Bokeh effects.  These effects create dots of light, and in the app, you can choose between several different colors, sizes and shapes.  When used with the Vintage effects, the Bokeh looks truly amazing.     

Compared to Instagram, this app has so many amazing effects, and I love almost every single one of them.  Picfx is very easy to use, and it is very straightforward.  Here are some other photos I’ve edited with this app:

Overall, Picfx is an amazing alternative to other square photography apps, and extremely comparable to Instagram!  Other than the fact that it crashes when uploading high definition photos, it is very easy to use, and is very user friendly, and is reasonably priced with it’s low price of only $1.99.  You can upload your edited photos straight to Instagram and other social media sites, and your photos can be saved in high resolution to your device’s camera roll.  Picfx is available for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.

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