iSkin’s Aura2 iPad Case; One of The Best iPad Cases on the Market

iSkin’s Aura2 Case for the iPad

If you have an iPad, then you may have experienced trying to buy a case, and choosing the correct one. And as there are many iPad cases on the market, consumers have many to choose from. But this case from a Canadian company, iSkin, really impressed me. The design and unique style of the case stands out from many, and one of the biggest selling points is that it features many different viewing angles, which could get consumers hooked.

The iSkin Aura2 iPad case is a “folio-style” case, which gives all around protection on your iPad, and flips open for access to your screen. The “Aura” visual perception works, with the outer shell featuring a navy blue colour and brushed metallic fabric with nylon. The interior features a velvety microfiber lining. The case also features what iSkin describes as “clever cuts.” It has openings for the camera, volume rockers, and the power button. It also features an opening for the speaker, something I rarely see in a case. Lastly, the interior also has inner pockets to store various cards. The most impressive feature about these pockets are that it features RFID protection, which can protects your credit cards and enhanced driver’s license (if you have one) against identity theft.

iSkin provides a microfiber cloth, LCD anti-static cleaning wipes, an iSkin sticker, and various cards with the case.

All the stuff iSkin includes with the Aura2 Case

Installation of the case is quite simple. Firstly, you have to unsnap the snipe to extend the front cover. Next, you can unlatch the Velcro tab. After removing the material inside, slide your iPad in, and be sure that you insert the iPad correctly so the cut-outs match with your iPad. Finally, secure the Velcro tab again to lock the iPad into position then resnap the spine to lock it into place. This process will take you less than 5 minutes. The case is secured cleverly by the iPad magnets, and iSkin’s own magnets on the top and bottom of the case. The top bottom seemed to secure better than the bottom magnet, but that issue may vary from the manufacturing for each case.

As mentioned, the iSkin Aura2 features four different viewing angles. The different viewing angles, with an explanation, are shown below:

Instructions on how to switch to all the angles are provided on the iSkin website in a PDF file, but you can click here.

While the case is excellent, there are very few complaints I have about the case. The spine has metallic snaps, which although secures well, is time consuming to unsnap and snap with adjusting the viewing angles. If magnets are used instead, it could speed up time when switching between viewing angles. Also, they only offer one colour at the moment, navy blue. I would like to see more colours added in the future. As mentioned, the top magnet that secures the case seems to be stronger than the bottom magnet. The quality of those may differ from case to case.

Although this case is quite excellent, the price point is quite high, costing $99.99. This is one of the most expensive iPad cases on the market, whereas many other folio cases for the iPad cost around $60. The price could be reduced by $20 to make it affordable for consumers. I’m not sure if consumers will be willing to fork out $100 for a folio case. However, this premium folio case seems to be focused on a target market of business professionals.

Overall, the Aura2 for the iPad will provide the consumer with an excellent case, both in design and function. The different viewing angles are quite unique, giving the perfect angle for different occasions. If iSkin offers the case in different colours and lowers the price a bit, then I’m sure it will be more appealing to consumers. But this is one of the best cases we have reviewed this year, and I’m confident consumers will be very happy with the purchase of this case. This case will work on the iPad 3, as well as the iPad 2.

Here are some more pictures of the Aura2 iPad Case:

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7 comments on “iSkin’s Aura2 iPad Case; One of The Best iPad Cases on the Market

  1. These are very good ipad cases. ipad cases is not just for the safety of your ipad but it also gives the stylish and attractive look. Aura2 iPad Case is the nice option for my ipad.

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