The iSkin Fuze is an iPhone Case That Won’t Disappoint

I am not usually such a big fan of iPhone cases but this one really impressed me! The Fuze iPhone4/4S case from iSkin definitely met my expectations. It really does protect your phone, without making it bulky and heavy. According to iSkin, the Fuze case is “strong and sexy”, andI would have to agree!

Everyday people may tell themselves “I need a new case for my iPhone”, but where are they get one that doesn’t either make the phone heavy or bulky? The Fuze from iSkin really meets the criteria. The Fuze case is made of 3 layers which will protect the glass iPhone 4/4s to its fullest. Also the material that is used to create this case feels absolutely amazing. I have already dropped my phone four times with the case on and it still seems like it was brand new! So the case really does its job at protecting the phone. Installing the case may be hard at first because it might be a little tight, but it will loosen up and take the shape of your phone after everyday use.

There are some things that I can see improved on this case. One of them would be the thin first layer. When uninstalling the case, I am very afraid to force it out because of the thin first layer. It seems very thin that it might just snap! I believe this layer should be a little stronger. Also, the tiny tab for the charging socket of the iPhone should be removed for several reasons. One of them would be charging the phone. The tiny tab would get in the way and sometimes makes it hard to remove the tab from the charging socket. Another reason is that it doesn’t seem to fit the phone well, and sometimes it might become loose. However the design of the case is awesome and the amount of colors that it comes in is magnificent.

The iSkin Fuze sells in grey, blue, and a grey colour scheme. They also have a special edition case, dubbed the iSkin Fuze SE. The difference about this case is that it features an enhanced frontal protection, with has a brushed-metal finish. This edition only comes in a carbon colour scheme. The Fuze sells for $49.99, and the Fuze SE sells for $59.99. The case is definitely worth the money, and you’ll get a good value for the price you pay. The case is available for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

Overall I really love this case; it is one of the few cases that really impress me (not many cases do). I really hope that iSkin would continue to create marvelous cases and skins for the electronic community. If you purchased an iSkin Fuze or Fuze SE, share your thoughts below in the comments. And visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+  for the latest tech news, reviews and updates.


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Hi Everyone, I"m Kevin! I owe everything that a boy dreams of :D HAHAHA LOL. I love IPhone and Electronic Devices. I'm a 16 Year old dude that speaks chinese!

3 comments on “The iSkin Fuze is an iPhone Case That Won’t Disappoint

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