PowToon…An Excellent New Presentation Software

When I think of presentation software, the major ones that come to mind are PowerPoint and Prezi. Although these are excellent pieces of software, each has their own strengths and limitations. With pretty much only these two major presentation software, something “new and exciting” has to be released. Well, look no further than PowToon, a presentation, movie-style software on the internet.

PowToon is new software on the internet that breathes new life into presentations. It was founded in 2011 by an Isreal/UK based company founded by Ilya Spitalnik, who is now the CEO. Unlike other presentation software, it brings animation combined with cool graphics to give it a more appealing and engaging presentation. This is similar to cartoon-style, and is way cooler than Microsoft Clip Art! I’ve been beta testing this software since earlier this year, and this is quite amazing! PowToon has demonstrated many uses for the software, and they mainly focused on business. In this case, it seems excellent for marketing products and presenting statistics.

The PowToon Interface

The PowToon software is easy to use, and the user interface is quite easy to navigate. Similar to PowerPoint, slide navigation is on the left-hand side. There is a “+” and a “-” button to add (+) and delete (-) slides. On the right-hand slide, you have your clip-art and text effects. They have clip art divided into 3 categories, which are picto, marker, and label. These categories of clip art are based on the type of presentation and theme you wish to have. The text effects are the same in every category theme, which help with the flow of the presentation. Transitions are included in every theme, which currently are not functioning. However, this feature should be enabled very soon. You can also import your own music files into your presentation. This is really useful if you’re a company, and need to brand your own videos with company music. Audio import is available on the top tab that says “import.” When you’re done with your presentation, you have the option to import to YouTube, and view on your PowToon dashboard.

Overall, this software is really useful, and I can see it being used in all forms of presentation styles. It will definitely be useful for business, and for general presentations. After testing this for many months, I can say this does have the potential to be the next Prezi and PowerPoint. You can check out a promotion video I did below.

The service will be available in August, but readers of Jordan’s Tech Stop can get early access! You can click here for an early invite! But only 100 people will get early access! Tell me what you think of the software in the comments below, as I’m excited to hear your feedback. And be sure to visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for more offers like these, and for the latest tech news, reviews and updates!


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2 comments on “PowToon…An Excellent New Presentation Software

  1. Love PowToon. Best thing ive seen on net so far and very easy to use. 🙂

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