Google May Shut Down YouTube-to-MP3 Conversion Websites

If you rip YouTube music videos to those MP3 sites, this may come to an end very soon. Websites such as and other similar sites are on the list to be sued.

“We would estimate that there are roughly 200 million people across the world that make use of services like ours and Google doesn’t just ignore all those people, they are about to criminalize them”
-Phillip, owner of
Since many artists post their music videos on YouTube, this is more like “marketing,” and the video is considered a promotion in a way. Warner Group Music, Universal, and Vevo have music videos from their artists. However, people abuse this, and download the videos to the converter site. They ignore the included links to buy on iTunes or Google Play.
These kind of websites in my opinion could be shut down really easily, leaving no room for argument. According to YouTube’s API terms of service, it forbids users from extracting individual elements from a video, the audio in this case, and then make any part of the video available for downloading. Video conversion websites do violate those services.
This will be very interesting to see how this turns out. I can see how angry some people would be about this, but it could benefit the music industry well. It won’t completely stop the downloading of illegal music, as there are many other music sharing websites out there. I’d like to hear your opinions, so please comment below. And be sure to visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for the latest updates!


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22 comments on “Google May Shut Down YouTube-to-MP3 Conversion Websites

  1. I honestly its a load of bullcrap for one. I mean its never enough they make millions upon millions of dollars even while youtube to mp3 converter is around. Are they flat broke? Are they Bankrupt? No its just another greedfest. I understand it would benefit music industry and this is just my thought off the block. I know nothing of legal issues except for common knowledge. And another thing. If this has affected the music industry for soooo long then why are they dealing with this now? Google can go blow a fuse.

  2. google can start mp3 conversion websites but youtube should not shutdown…

    • Because of this issue, YouTube should not be shut down, I agree with you. YouTube can’t shut down, as Google and YouTube can make a lot of money from it’s advertisers. There would be many upset people and advertisers if YouTube did somehow shut down.

      • lol youtube’s not gonna shut down.. in case you havent noticed youtube is a worldwide phenomenon that will be around forever. I 100% disagree with shutting down youtube to mp3 sites like half the people on here have said. Is the music industry really getting effected by this site? Last i checked there all rich ass celebrities who make millions. Plus in case you didnt know they make money off all the views from youtube. Just cheap pricks looking for more money.

  3. It isn’t about forcing you to go out and buy the music. It’s about control over what people are allowed to do over the internet.

    If corporate grasp is allowed to regulate the Internet, you WILL be required BY LAW to do only as you are allowed. Otherwise your ISP will report your account activity to local or federal authorities, which will then seize a good portion of your rights and your bank account.

  4. Except that a lot of us aren’t using these sites to steal music in lieu of paying. Youtube has a crazy amount of music and live performances that are UNAVAILABLE to purchase (or even find) literally anywhere else. I have dozens of rare, extremely obscure punk acts in my collection, that if not for Youtube to MP3 converters would have been impossible to ever find. So much of this stuff is never going back into print. A lot of it never was in the first place! And now they’re shutting down my only means of accessing it. Classy. The music industry goes out of its way to make enemies out of its customers.

    For the record, if you believe this is about preventing theft, you are horribly naive and have been misled. Enough studies have proven now that the majority of people who steal music would not have purchased it if that were the only option. And certainly in my case, since I’ve only ever used these sites to access content too obscure, old, or rare to ever be commercially available, no company ever lost a sale due to my use of Youtube to MP3 converters. I wasn’t going to buy their fucking Justin Bieber albums in the first place. This does nothing but build up further resentment. I applaud the music industry’s demise.

  5. They’re gay for this shit man. damn youtube converter helped me so much. on top of that. Fuckers. Ughh.Old school collections, etc.

    • Notice how everyone else in this who is against it said so politely? Yea, learn a lesson from them. If you want something, being rude won’t help your cause.

  6. Look lets be honest here i’ve not paid for music for most of my adult life and never plan to do so again for two main reasons one there will be a way around this and so i will still not pay for music and music industry and google will make me want to do this all the more now because of this futile attempt to grab every cent from there customer and 2 i did it back in the 90’s sat infront of a radio with a tape hitting record when a good tune came on. did that ruin the music industry back then did it F**k despite there claims. So if thats the case i’ll just do that again and buy the hardware to convert the tape to Mp3 just for spite

  7. Google is so ridiculous, they claim freedom of web but whenever any free program threatens their profits they shut it down. If this falls through(which sadly I am convinced it will) what’s next? Are they going to go after linux for allowing programs like FatRat? I’m convinced google will not be happen until they have complete control of the web.

  8. Ban Google. Do not use their browser. Use Firefox and Adblock their sites. If you get an Ad from Google contact the AD sponsor and tell them you will never buy any of their products because of the dictatorial attitude of the Google company. Youtube temporarily BAN all artists from posting to the site and direct them to Google. When the money goes away Google will dry up and blow away. One problem solved. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


  10. This is the way I see it. Google is trying to gain more to their name. If that means shutting down sites that have millions of users, then so be it. Google doesn’t care about the public. Can you say, selfish? The artists who make the music, make it for the enjoyment of their fans. Not just for the money. Yes it does hurt the artists but they are or should be glad that they have people who like their music. Its crazy that in order to buy music you have to go through Itunes or or have to go buy the album at Walmart. The only way that any of those methods work is if the media is AVAILABLE. SOme songs and content on Youtube isn’t offered on either of those due to rarity or other reasons. What if I wanted to upload a video of me singing to youtube then convert it to an mp3 file? I mean seriously its pathetic. Google isn’t gonna be able to block every site. There are always loopholes in everything whether you like it or not. People are getting smarter and smarter everyday. Anyone with a basic recording device can just record audio from the radio, youtube, or other audio-media services. Sure it might not be HQ but its still the same song. No matter what, Google can try to dictate the internet any way they would like. They have millions of users that they are eventually going to loose considering the way they are forcing themselves upon everyone. Google used to be clean, sleek, useful and super fast with reliable websites but are now taking over the internet as we speak. Google will dry up if they keep heading down the road that they have paved for themselves.

  11. What about the small men and women (artists) nothing to do with the so called ‘music industry’ i dont want the industry commercial crap they sell, real music now a days is made by the nobody in there bed room in front of a webcam pushing the boundries of the industries commercial crap.
    I want to be able to convert mp3 of the bedroom artists singing and playing guitar who noone knows and in sure they wouldnt mind.
    Easy fix is to ask the uploaded if they would like to allow mp3 converting of their upload !!!.

  12. Very Great Idea, Hope every thing goes success and thank you for giving good post

  13. why the site hosted by google now
    did they buy it?

  14. surely all we gotta do is buy a cd recorder record what you want when playing back on you tube then convert back into mp3 isnt it? I need old ska beats for sampling and looping thru logic to assemble songs to play live sax to, it keeps the music going with the greatest respect to the originators. Fuck google.

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