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E3: Nintendo Talks About Wii U Games, But Not About the Actual System

The Wii U Concept Design

Today at the E3 press conference, Nintendo unveiled more games about their upcoming gaming system, the Wii U. However, hardware details were not announced, leaving many to question what else the Wii U could bring to the gaming market.


Nintendo earlier this week unveiled new controllers for the Wii U, which have been slightly updated from their original concept design as previewed at CES 2012. The controller was updated from their original circle pieces to what Nintendo calls “gaming sticks.” These can be rotated 360 degrees, and can be pressed down. The backbone of the controller was updated for comfort, and the front face buttons were rearranged a bit. NFC was also added, and a TV controller button is also being implemented.

Nintendo unveiled many games at E3 today, which include their own titles and third-party titles. These games include:

  • New Super Mario Bros Wii U
  • Nintendo Land
  • Pikmin 3
  • Wii Fit U
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Batman Arkham City
  • Assassin’s Creed III
  • Scribblenauts
  • Darksiders II
  • Lego City Undercover
  • ZombiU
  • Avengers: Battle for Earth
  • Just Dance 4
  • Rayman Origins
  • and more

Nintendo talked about their own branded games. The New Super Mario Bros Wii U seems to be going towards a more social experience, and will have collaborative gameplay. Nintendo Land (as you may have guessed) is a virtual theme park with mini games that will focus on Nintendo franchises.

Here are some other features that the Wii U will have according to their website:

  • Miiverse:
    -A brand-new network communication system that lets gamers from around the world share experiences, discuss games and discover new content. This will be achieved using their personalized Mii character.
    -You can challenge their friends to play together, ask a question about a difficult level or discover new elements of their favorite games they never knew existed.
    -After a notable achievement or other share-worthy moment, players can pause their game or application and seamlessly post messages to the Miiverse community.
  • TV Remote:
    -The Wii U GamePad controller may also function as an infrared TV remote
  • Near Field Communication (NFC):
    -The Wii U GamePad has the ability to communicate wirelessly with objects that are held above it.
  • Nintendo eShop:
    -The new store for Wii U will offer a variety of content for people to download and enjoy. -Consumers will also be able to purchase and download select games that are also available at retail stores.
  • Video Entertainment:
    -Nintendo is working with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube to bring video experiences to Wii U that will take advantage of the integrated second-screen experience. This is similar to what other devices are doing at the moment.
  • Video Chat:
    -This is achieved by the built-in camera of the Wii U GamePad
    -People can communicate with other Wii U owners in real time.
  • Internet Browser:
    -Wii U comes with a browser that lets people with a wireless Internet connection surf the Internet from the comfort of their couches.

As more details emerge, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo builds upon their existing Wii system. Make sure to check out our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ for updates!


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