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Diablo III Delivers a Solid Game to PC

I have spent countless hours on this game and I haven’t got bored of it at all! The game Diablo III, is a single role game that involves plenty of action. Even though it’s a single player game, you are still able to play with your friends in co-op. The developers of Blizzard brought out Diablo II in the year 2000 and now after 12 years of wait they presented Diablo III.

Diablo III is quite similar to the other Diablos, but Diablo III has a very flexible skill system which would encourage you to change your hero around constantly. People may say that this game is just like any RPG game, but I find this game quite different than other RPGS because it encourages you to keep playing the storyline and leveling up your hero. Some people love Diablo III because of the storyline; some might just like it because it’s another RPG game. It doesn’t matter; everything ties together from the quests you do and the dungeons you visit. Even though the story didn’t interest me, the player UI and the loot system kept me addicted. Being able to loot and have the ability to make the killing blow or shredding the enemy’s limps and flesh is very empowering. Sometimes I would try to pick up every item that the monsters drop but I can’t because of the inventory system. You are only able to carry a certain amount of items and each item might have color codes around them. These color codes indicate if the item has some special increase in state or how valuable they are. The yellow codes are the ones that are waiting for you to identify them, these items are the one that are valuable and encourages you to keep them.

I am not a very good RPG player but one of the features of Diablo III that I enjoy is the in the mini map on the top right. The mini map tells you where your objective is so you won’t have to go through the frustration of finding where to go next. When I play games I lose track of time very quickly but now I’m able to keep my time consistent because in Diablo III above the mini map shows what your local time is. To be honest, I think Blizzard took the gaming community’s consideration into hand, which will increase their audience.

Overall I love playing Diablo III, even though some people say that it’s time consuming I am still willing to spend the time for its story and its features being presented.

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