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iSkin Releases the Fuze and Fuze SE Cases

Today, iSkin introduced their Fuze and Fuze SE cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in a press release.

Engineered as two individual parts that easily snap together to form a protective shell for your iPhone 4/4S, the fuze and fuze SE are a marvel of modern ingenuity.

The iSkin Fuze is one of iSkin’s new protective cases, designed and engineered that fuses shock and impact protection into an elegant, low-profile package. iSkin said that it represents months of engineering and research & development, along with the development of an iSkin exclusive interlocking system that combines outstanding protection in a slim and fashionable form.

This case features a soft inner core that cushions the iPhone while its hard exterior absorbs impact. Both models of the case are finished to provide a sure grip on the iPhone, and has a sturdy grip while holding it. This case does cover every edge of the iPhone, and the power and volume buttons are protected, as well as a removable charging port (30-pin) cover to keep unwanted dust, dirt and spills from causing damage. In addition, the fuze SE has extended iPhone frontal protection with an integrated home button coverage.

The design on this product seems really nice. The case features a modern tri-tone color scheme. It pairs a black matte-finished body with a blue, pink or grey front that’s accented with a white trim around the screen—for a look that’s akin to the sophisticated superhero. If you want to buy  the fuze SE, it will include an über-sophisticated black and grey color scheme that’s accented with a brushed aluminum front plate.

The Fuze case will cost $49.99 USD, and the Fuze SE will cost $59.99 USD. You can read our full review here.

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