Air Display for iPad Review

Are you wanting a second monitor, but don’t want to fork out the money for another one? Do you own an Apple iPad? If you do, then check out this cool application called “Air Display,” developed by Avatron Software. This app is very cool, and is one of the “hidden gems” in the Apple store. It’s quite an unusual app, but very practical. This app does turn your iPad (or iPod Touch or iPhone) into a second monitor. The “iPad monitor” is connected to your computer over your own WiFi network, and gives you the full capabilities of what you would expect from a 2nd monitor. You can also use the iPad to “mirror” your own screen. It costs $9.99 in the Apple App Store, so this app isn’t exactly cheap. But the high price may be overlooked for its very practical use. Here is a link to download the app in the Canadian App Store.

This app to me is very easy to use and very fluid. An extra screen is effective for working, and the smaller iPad screen is great for applications such as Tweetdeck or viewing email or Facebook. It does help reduce your clutter on your main desktop, as I found that I was using the iPad monitor for smaller applications and focus on more practical ones on my regular monitor. I tested websites such as YouTube, and tried some applications on my computer.

YouTube works very fluid, with no lag at all. Most remote PC apps have a lag on your computer, but I experienced none or minimal lag with this application. However, with YouTube, I could play videos, but not in full screen mode. This was a small disappointment, but I would really like to see this added. I also did have a problem running the Windows games on the iPad, due to a message that said, “No suitable graphics devices found.” Most websites show up like they would on a 2nd monitor. You can navigate with your mouse or keyboard, or you can use the touch-screen interface. Avatron has included an interface, and you don’t get Windows 7 Touch.

Installation website for Windows and Mac

To get this app to run on your Windows or Mac, you first have to install a small bit of software from Avatron’s website. You can click here to go directly to the website. The installation is really easy, and quite fast. The installation file is about 6.6MB in size, so it’s not a large file. After installation, you will be prompted to restart your computer. You can find the Air Display app in the Apple App Store.

Connecting your device

Once you have the app installed on your iPad, and the software on your computer, you are ready to use it. Firstly, you should launch Air Display on your iPad. Then, start the program on your computer. If you’re using Windows 7, go down to your Windows system tray, and find Air Display. Click on the icon, and you should be able to see your connect device. A similar process should be used for Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you see your device on the list, click on your desired device, and it will connect over your WiFi network. If you do not see your device, select the option Connect To Other, and enter the Air Display IP address. This should be located in the Air Display app on the 2nd tab from the left. I have included a screenshot on how the device should connect.

This app overall is very useful, and I experienced almost no lagging, which I was really happy about. The on-screen keyboard and touch interface is very easy to use and fluid. However, there are some minor issues, but it’s nothing major. This is probably one of the best apps I’ve reviewed this year, and the practicality is really what makes the app enjoyable. This app is universal, working on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and works with Windows and Macintosh. Being available on multiple devices should help make this application strive. I highly recommend you download it, and try it out for yourself. Comment below and tell me what you are using the application for!

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3 comments on “Air Display for iPad Review

  1. I downloaded this app for what you mentioned, Tweetdeck, but I’m still getting notifications on my main monitor. Any idea on how to fix that? I’ve already tried moving the notification window to other parts of the screen, but it’s still showing on my main monitor while Tweetdeck itself is on the iPad

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